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As a biotechnology company, you transform your ideas into scientific progress. As a life science marketing agency, Metric Marketing makes sure that your product has the digital presence that it needs to make the most impact on the world. We are a biotech marketing agency that understands the importance of ensuring that your product is found by the right people online.

Whether you produce products for sustainable living, improving human health, or any other biological transformation, you need a team of marketers to back you up and promote your product.

We are the life science marketing agency that can successfully make and implement a biotech company marketing plan specifically for your needs. With a cross-functional team of experts, we are truly a full-service agency, and no project is too big or too complicated. We strive to provide biotech marketing solutions that prioritize your growth and biotechnology sales.

What Does it Take to Be Successful in Marketing in the Life Science and Biotechnology Space?

Biotechnology and life sciences have the potential to make a lasting impact on the world, but that impact cannot begin or grow unless people have access to your product. This is where biotech marketing needs to be implemented with full force. As a biotech company, you will face unique challenges as you try to get your products into the field.

Life science marketing takes more than a cookie-cutter marketing strategy; it requires a deep understanding of who your audience is, who your competitors are, and how to overcome the challenges that come with being biotechnology pioneers. By paying attention to who you are and what you have to offer, we can produce strategies for digital marketing for life sciences that harness Search Engine Optimization (SEO), brand design, website development, and much more. These techniques ensure that you can show off your expertise and authority in the digital world.

Unique Challenges in Biotechnology and Life Science Marketing

Marketing for a New Life Science/Biotech Product

One of the biggest challenges of marketing in the biotech industry is that most biotech companies are start-ups. You may have developed a new product that will significantly influence the scientific community and/or those who can utilize your creation, but there is no existing marketing for it. Marketing for a brand-new product, particularly one in the life sciences, is difficult.

Biotech products are niche and need to reach the right people. Since the product is new, those users may not know where or how to look for it. There won’t be any competitors, which means your marketing strategy cannot rely on other company’s marketing tactics. Your product needs a marketing strategy as unique as your product is. As a life science marketing agency, we face the challenge of promoting a brand-new product head-on.

Developing a Biotech Company Marketing Plan

Our biotechnology marketing approach is to follow the data. We form marketing strategies based on data-driven techniques, pay close attention to trends, and follow a process we individualize to your company. We develop a biotech company marketing plan with concrete goals and strategies to meet those goals. That way, when you are ready to launch your product to your desired audience, you can do so built on a sturdy digital marketing foundation.

SEO Optimized Design

SEO Optimized Design

Every page on your Metric website has the optimal code structure to maximize user conversions while looking good.

Local & Regional SEO Strategy

Local & Regional SEO Strategy

Google's algorithm changed? No problem, our developers monitor changes and update your Metric website automatically.

Automatic SEO Updates

Automatic SEO Updates

Adding a new practice area? Highlighting one you have? Our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way.

SEO Optimized Speed

SEO Optimized Speed

Your Metric website is optimized to deliver the load times Google wants to see in Core Web Vitals.

Digital Marketing for Life Sciences: Services We Offer

Biotech and Life Science Web Design

You want a life science web design that focuses on pulling traffic to your site and your product. Your website will likely be one of the first experiences someone has with your biotech company and should prioritize user experience and a strong brand identity.

We offer custom-built websites that balance optimization and design. Our developers will build a biotech web design that will allow you to easily communicate with your audience. When your potential customers see your site, they should be able to figure out what your product does and why they need it. We can make that happen. Not only that, all of our websites are also built to be high-performing. Unlike a site built using a template, there won’t be any unnecessary code to slow down the loading time for pages. Right off the bat, your site will be set for success in terms of design and SEO.

Data-Driven Search Engine Optimization and Biotechnology Content Creation

The Metric Marketing SEO team are leaders in the industry. We take the time to make sure your site is fully optimized, and that the content on your site is attracting qualified traffic. By getting to know your product and your business goals, Metric Marketing can create a custom content strategy to start establishing your online authority on specific domains and keywords for your business. By studying competitors and biotechnology trends, we are able to gather data to inform our content creation, and we make sure that every article has a strategic purpose and is backed by data.

We view real-time metrics from Google and other search engines, then use what we learn to create content that will improve your online visibility. There is no marketing black box here, only straightforward, sustainable, long-term growth.

Search Ads and Social Media for Biotech Companies

Biotech advertising is of the utmost importance to overcome the challenges of promoting your product. Paid search campaigns go beyond your organic traffic and send your advertisements to the buyer personas who can utilize your products the most. Paid ads go hand in hand with social media for biotech companies. By analyzing social data, we can target campaigns over social media platforms. This helps you bridge the gap between your company and your desired audience.

Scientific Illustration and Graphic Design

Your brand tells a story about your company. We create designs and illustrations that are tailored to who you are as a biotech company. Your mission and vision can be communicated through visual design. We create scientific illustrations and graphic design to show off who you are online and in print. You can count on us to tell the story of your company through the power of graphic design. Check out our Akadeum Case Study to see for yourself.

Why Metric Is the Best Marketing Partner for Life Science and Biotechnology Companies

At Metric Marketing, we cultivate a positive culture with mutual respect for our team members and clients. We keep personal relationships at the center of all we do, making sure that your success is achieved because we believe in the people behind your product.

We base our work on data-driven strategies that have proven results. We constantly monitor the strategies we create for you to maintain longevity for the success of your business. We are also in constant communication with our clients. Full honesty and transparency are practiced and prioritized. As a life science marketing agency, we know how to create and practice digital marketing for biotechnology and life science companies, and our results show it. We are proud of what we have accomplished as a biotech marketing agency, and we know we will make you proud as well.

Experience and Proven Results in Biotechnology and Life Science Marketing

But don’t just take our word for it!  Over the past four years, we have worked with the biotechnology company Akadeum Life Sciences and have seen tremendous results. We had the honor of building Akadeum’s online presence, which increased their traffic and resulted in qualified leads and biotechnology sales. Read the case study to find out more about Akadeum’s continued success.

Develop a Partnership With Transparency and Communication

Metric Marketing believes that transparency and communication are two key elements of a successful business. We are dedicated to full honesty with our clients. At the heart of our business, we understand that partnerships must be built on a foundation of mutual respect. And while other agencies may require you to sign long-term contracts before starting work, we don’t. We let our results speak for themselves.

Warning Signs of an Ineffective Biotech Marketing Agency

There is such a thing as bad marketing, and unfortunately, there are agencies who may want to take advantage of you. Often, we see marketing agencies that promise you results in the sales process, lock you into a long-term contract, and then under-deliver. Another sign of an ineffective biotech marketing agency may include a lack of communication with you about what they are actually doing on your behalf. If you are not seeing results and the marketing agency isn’t communicating with you, chances are they are not working to better your business.

Another warning sign may be only paying for views, impressions, and clicks. At Metric Marketing, we understand the balance between paid search campaigns and organic traffic. Everything is tracked from click to purchase and we communicate the progress every step of the way. The bottom line is the bottom line, and we are focused on sustainable, long-term growth for your company.

Hear From Our Clients

You can take our word for it, but we also like to let our results speak for themselves. Each client of ours is unique, so the work we do is tailored to each specific need.

“I’ve been working with the team at Metric on SEO, paid search & social, and content marketing campaigns. Without a doubt, their guidance and work-product has been a major boost to our commercialization efforts. As a direct result, we have seen consistent gains in web traffic, conversions, and happy customers. Having worked with other firms in the past, it’s obvious that Metric excels at leveraging modern digital marketing tools in the most capital-efficient way.”
– Michael Maloney, Akadeum Life Sciences

Reach Out to Our Team Today

If you have any questions or even if you just want to sit down and share a coffee, Metric Marketing is here for you. Tell us about who you are and the products you have to offer. We would love to get to know you! If you’re ready to take the leap into biotech marketing, call us at (734) 404-8714 or fill out an online form. We look forward to hearing from you!

"I’ve been working with the team at Metric on SEO, paid search & social, and content marketing campaigns. Without a doubt, their guidance and work-product has been a major boost to our commercialization efforts. As a..."

Michael Maloney

Akadeum Life Sciences

Read the case study

"I love working with Metric! They “get” what we are trying to do and are able to provide clear ideas to make improvements, and they have a team of experts in all the areas we need. Plus, they’re fun to work with!"

Leah Baker

Stoneridge Software

Read the case study
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"Elite! This is the word to describe the Metric Marketing team. I've been working with them for most of 2019 to help the law firm I manage get our web presence to the next level. They have certainly done that with helping us..."

Michael Lazenby

Scott D. Pollock & Associates, P.C.

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