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13 Reasons You’ll Love Metric Marketing

13 Reasons You'll Love Metric Marketing

Hey! We’re Metric Marketing. Great to meet you.

You might remember Envision Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency in Ann Arbor, MI founded back in 2014. A couple months ago, Envision took a backseat to undergo a re-brand and a pretty massive face-lift, only to come out on top as Metric Marketing.

Just because we have a new name doesn’t mean we don’t offer the same exceptional services. If you’re looking to jump-start your digital marketing efforts and don’t know where to start—you’re not alone. We totally get it.

But, we’re not naive; we know competition is stark out there. How do you choose the best agency? First, you research. And since you’re already here, let’s start now.

We can sit here and ramble on about how our search engine optimization (SEO) team has worked with some of the leaders in the SEO industry or that our founder has been deeply immersed in digital marketing for over a decade. We can also talk about the diversity of our client-base or how our writers and editors double as star researchers armed with the SEO best practices. What about our lightning fast developers who build responsive websites you’re guaranteed to love?

Instead, why not take a look and fall in love all on your own.

1. We’re a one-stop shop for SEO, digital marketing, and web development.

For some, we’re an agency working on one specific project. For others, we’re the whole package. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we give everyone the opportunity to utilize different avenues for increasing visibility online:

  • Optimized content writing and editing
  • Content audits
  • Interactive and optimized website development
  • SEO and PPC
  • SEO audits and penalty assessments and cleanups
  • Social media strategy, implementation, and management
  • Strategy and persona development
  • Branding and logo design

2. SEO is a goldmine, and we’re always digging up gold.

Don’t ever let a digital marketing agency tell you that optimizing your website and all of its content is low priority. And certainly don’t let an agency tell you it’ll sweep you off your feet with the purchasing of backlinks or that your website’s design should have more urgency over optimizing code. It’s all baloney. Seriously.

Truth is, you can have the greatest content in the world, but if it’s not optimized, no one is going to see it. Your website could be the sleekest, most functional website around, but—you guessed it—if it’s not optimized, no one will ever find it. SEO is the backbone of digital marketing; the glue that keeps it all together.

Buying backlinks, Googling tips and tricks, and taking cheap shortcuts won’t give you long term results. Sure, maybe you’ll come out with thousands of backlinks, but are you sure they’re credible ones? Your shortcut boosted your ranking, but are you sure you won’t get blacklisted?

Think about things like quality link building, SEO and content audits, building and optimizing your website, crafting efficient SEO and keyword strategies, and consistently delivering valuable content to your audience. We won’t lie: Strong and ethical strategies take time. But those are the most authentic and best practices in the industry, and they’re the only ones we practice at Metric Marketing.

3. A team 100% dedicated to their expertise.

Your web developer or content writer, for example, won’t dabble in any other aspect of your project. Team members don’t juggle other responsibilities; they stick to what they do best—that’s it. This way, every piece of your project has 100% individualized attention and is completed with precision.

4. Individual project management at your fingertips.

Every client has its own designated account manager. Managers take care of the internal processes to make sure all efforts are met and running smoothly. We always want you to know who to contact, so we encourage you to ask questions if you’re ever craving answers.

5. We’re agile and intentional.

Developing a digital marketing strategy is never like throwing darts at a board and crossing your fingers for the bullseye. We believe the best strategies are targeted, customized, and intentional. Therefore, any strategy development at Metric Marketing starts with research and discovery.

6. Your progress is always accessible.

We schedule monthly meetings and 1-hour strategy sessions—whether remote or in-person—to deliver full reports to all of our clients. Reports include things like keyword tracking, conversion measurements, rankings, and everything in between. You’ll always see real numbers with real results. Everything we’re doing is for your business; we want to make it easy for you to stay in the loop.

7. We’re real people.

Our team is a mixture of creative and strategic thinkers. Together, we built an inclusive culture of camaraderie that allows us to work seamlessly to focus on what matters: honest and transparent best practices in both digital marketing and client relations.

We have our quirks and our own unique processes—just like you—but that’s what makes us a super fun and easy agency to work with. No jargon. No trickery. No pretending we’re something we’re not; just real people working toward real goals for real businesses.

8. We’ll share our goals, reasoning, and process.

We’re the first ones to admit that digital marketing is a complex landscape, but we don’t want you to think we’re an impersonal, technical bunch of folks. Even though we’re fully immersed in our work, we still want to communicate our purposes and processes.

Instead of saying we’re going to build you a strategy, we’re going to explain our decisions and tell you how we’re going to do it. Instead of saying we’re going to conduct a content audit on your site, we’re going to tell you which pages we’re going to look at it and why we’re doing it.

When we’re open with you, it holds everyone accountable.

9. Your website is yours; we want you to love it.

You have the final say on the look and feel of your website. When we’re done building it, the site’s yours to keep. No strings. And if you sign up for monthly services, you can shoot us an email any time you need maintenance, updates, or help.

10. We believe in education.

We really like to stress the whole “keeping you in the loop” thing. If you ever want to know things like how to load content to your site, just ask. We’d love to teach you—not just do it for you.

11. We’ll work with any business, anywhere. Seriously.

While we’ve made a home in Michigan, we’re still an ambitious agency that doesn’t limit its capabilities to one industry or location. We’ve worked with companies in biotech, music, software, home builders, and attorneys, among others, all across the country.

12. Real talk: No contracts.

Personal relationships are developed by choice. You spend time with the people closest to you because you choose to—not because it’s a requirement. We approach our professional relationships that same way. We want you to work with us because you trust us and because we’re doing a great job, not because a long term contract requires you to stick around.

So instead, all of our services are on a month-to-month, hourly basis—regardless of the services you choose. Feel free to change your hours at any time, too.

13. We’re always available.

Just reach out if you ever want to talk—free of charge. Give us a call, send an email, or fill out a contact form. We won’t discriminate against your industry or your location; Metric Marketing cares about utilizing ethical best practices to make sure great businesses like yours are found online.

You want the best marketing team on your side, and why wouldn’t you? Connect with us. Let’s create something big.

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