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Digital Marketing Services | Data-Driven Internet Marketing Services

The landscape of marketing has drastically changed in the past few years. In the United States, 46% of people spend five to six hours per day on their phones, with an additional 11% of the population spending seven or more hours on smartphone devices. So it’s no wonder that marketing has transitioned to online spaces. With the amount of time people are now spending online, investing in digital marketing services is now a necessity for any business’s success.

Metric Marketing provides digital marketing services that will increase your traffic, leads, and revenue by optimizing your online presence. We operate by making data-driven decisions to most benefit your company. We work together with you to get to know your business. We value people and relationships, and we know that our understanding of your business’s beliefs and goals is at the core of your digital marketing success.

We provide customized website design, search engine optimization (SEO) services, content creation, social media management, and so many more full-service digital marketing services. We have a range of clients, so no matter what industry you are in, we know that we can offer you the well-rounded, professionally designed website strategy you deserve.

Strategic Internet Marketing Solutions Are Now Critical to Business Success

According to the Omnichannel Holiday Study conducted by Google and Ipsos 53% of shoppers research a product before they buy to make sure they are making the best possible purchasing decision. E-commerce amounts worldwide were up to $4.28 trillion in U.S. currency. With so much activity and spending that happens strictly online, investing in digital marketing agency services will support you in creating a successful online presence.

With professional digital marketing, you can increase the amount of traffic that visits your website, increase the number of leads that flow through your marketing funnel, increase your return on investment (ROI), and much, much more.

Finding a professional digital marketing agency is crucial. Not investing in digital marketing that is long-lasting can be detrimental to the success of your business.

Digital marketing is all about connecting with your audience. Your customers’ perception of who you are, matters most. Here at Metric, we make decisions based on research, then create a digital marketing strategy just for you.

Our team will continue to track metrics and analytics in order to make informed decisions for the present and future success of your digital marketing. And because we believe in transparency, we provide monthly reports to keep you in the loop about how your analytics are tracking.

Website Development

Your website is the face of your business. As a company that provides agency digital marketing services, we know the importance of having a structurally sound website. Since so much of marketing has now transitioned online, your landing page is where current and future customers go to learn more about your business.

Your website’s development is one of the most fundamental parts of our digital marketing success. Metric Marketing’s web designers and SEO team will ensure that your website is up to standards, with the necessary plugins and SEO best practices that make for a successful site.

No matter where you are in your website development, we can make sure your online presence exceeds expectations. You deserve to be proud of your website. It’s how you will engage with your audience and show them who you are. With our help, you can communicate your brand to those who land on your website and attract them further by making a navigable structure.

Metric Marketing’s Digital Marketing Services

Metric marketing provides a variety of professional digital marketing services with the help of all of the experts on our team!

PPC Management Services

Pay-per-click (PPC) digital marketing services are all about clicks and campaigns. PPC is great for increasing your traffic and leads quickly while increasing your ROI. We use your past analytics and target personas to advertise your business to the right people.

PPC ads work like this: We draft and create ad copy using keyword and targeting research. We then place your ad on different social networks and search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). You pay whenever someone clicks on your ad!

The whole idea is to drive traffic towards your site and attract prospective customers to your business and products. We track the analytics, such as bounce rate, lead-to-traffic ratio, lead conversion rate, and many more to see how your ad is performing. With that information, we make informed, data-driven decisions about how to improve your PPC advertising.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most crucial components of digital marketing services. SEO is how well you rank on a search engines results page (SERP). Our SEO experts at Metric Marketing provide online marketing services that focus heavily on increasing your company’s SEO. We help you achieve:

  • Increased visibility
  • Keyword research
  • Research-driven content
  • Backlink building
  • SEO analytics tracking
  • And much more

With SEO digital marketing services, watch as your traffic and leads increase. A huge part of marketing digital SEO is about the user experience (UX). UX is how your audience is able to interact with your website. When you have a well-built site that attracts a credible audience, then your SEO will increase. The more traffic your get, the better your SEO is, and the cycle continues.

There are only 10 search results on a Google SERP. Increasing your SEO means moving up in the ranks to get to some of the top spots on a search engine’s first page.

Local SEO Services

Did you know that 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles of their location? Local SEO has a huge impact on your business’s success in your community. Anytime a person types in a query and adds “near me”—or any phrase along similar lines—that is considered a local search.

Metric Marketing provides website marketing services that can build your local SEO so that you out-perform your competition in your geographical region. Investing in digital marketing services that focus on your NAP (name, address, and phone number) accessibility, location page optimization, and local link building will benefit your company’s local growth.

SEO Content Services

Content is one of the most critical instruments that digital marketing services provide. Content creation is the way that you communicate, connect with, and engage your audience. SEO content services is an internet marketing service that takes keyword research and implements it into your brand voice, balancing data-driving results and human connection.

Our content writers at Metric Marketing are experts in their field. Our online content marketing services team works to create writing and content that amplifies your voice in your industry, showing your authority over your competitors while establishing relationships with current and future customers. We create content digital marketing services in every digital space you occupy.

WordPress SEO

Our SEO team provides website marketing services with the help of WordPress SEO. We review your website structure, then implement tools that build your SEO on the backend of your site. Our SEO experts know the most efficient and constructive WordPress SEO tools. We will ensure a structurally sound website.

Web Design Services

Metric Marketing’s web design team is comprised of experts who can build your website from scratch. Your website is some people’s first introduction to you as a business. First impressions matter and a user’s experience on your website is largely dependent on your website’s design.

At Metric Marketing, we provide website marketing services that balance web development and web design. We make sure that your website is built on a steady foundation and with code that is up to search engine standards. This way, search engines can navigate through the back end of your website. The design component, when paired with structurally sound web development, will attract people to both look at and continue to explore your website.

Our web design experts prioritize optimization and user experience. We customize a site just for your business. When you invest in our digital marketing agency services, we make sure that your website is always updated to search engine standards and SEO best practices. We continue open communication with you so that we can make sure we can implement any changes you may want.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress web design is saturated with plug-ins that can help optimize your website. Our web developers know the ins and outs of WordPress web design and can structure your website so that you can also manage your site yourself, if you so choose. Of course, our developers can continue management and upkeep, though we do provide optional training, depending on what you choose.

SEO Web Design

Your website’s code is a major factor in how search engines rate your website. Crawlers go through your website’s architecture and present a comprehensive, user-friendly website to searchers. Our web developers make sure that your website’s code exceeds the expectations of search engine standards.

Increasing SEO makes it possible for your website to be presented to an audience. The better your site is developed, coded, and designed, the better your SEO will be. When credible audiences are attracted to your website, your SEO increases.

Our web developers take a look at the analytics of your website, and continuously upgrade your site to optimize user experience, which in turn, increases your SEO. Investing in our agency’s digital marketing services means increasing SEO from the web design perspective.

Graphic Design Services

Graphic design is the way your company communicates visually with your audience. Graphic design digital marketing services are an essential sector of internet marketing services. Metric Marketing’s graphic design team has your branding in mind, and can make it happen!

Your business’s recognizability is key—establishing your brand is how your audience knows you are you. Your reputation is all about your brand, and graphic design is a large part of how to make that happen. Your brand tells a story about your business. It tells your audience who you are; when your customers know who you are and can recognize you, you build a trusting relationship and your customers will return.

Graphic design takes the values and mission of your business and creates visual branding and images that reflect those same values. You communicate with your audience who you are through your branding and design.

Social Media Marketing Services

Our social media digital marketing services will take your social media presence to the next level. Social platforms are a great tool to get personal with your audience. You’re allowed to get creative and really build your brand and interpersonal relationships with clients online. Direct communication is special, and we believe that implementing a structured, data-driven social media strategy can help your business grow and develop those client-company relationships.

Social media has the potential to make you more approachable and relatable. When used correctly, you can use your social media presence to implement targeted advertising and create ad campaigns. Social media marketing can also be used as a tool to check your analytics and online performance.

Here’s the thing about social media: You want to keep your brand voice consistent, yet each social media platform has its own unspoken rules about voice and communication.

When working with Metric Marketing, your digital marketing services for each social platform are strategized. Each platform requires compelling content that is tailored for each platform’s audience. Metric Marketing knows how to expertly provide social media management and paid social advertising.

Choose a Digital Marketing Agency With Integrity

It’s quite unfortunate, but many of our clients come to us after being taken advantage of by digital marketing agencies who offered quick results with no follow-through. Here at Metric Marketing, we operate with the values of integrity and mutual respect. We want your business to succeed and believe that ethical digital marketing practices is the way to do just that.

Metric Marketing maintains a positive culture, keeping joy at the core of all of our work. We believe in honesty; we will have tough conversations if necessary because your internet marketing solutions depend on it. When you work with us, you are signing up for a culture that prioritizes relationships, because we know that a healthy relationship with our clients achieves incredible results.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO means implementing increasing SEO practices that meet the standards of a search engine’s terms of service. White Hat SEO is an ethical practice, which improves organic search rankings on search engines like Google. White Hat SEO digital marketing services include:

  • Keyword research
  • Content creation that focuses on keyword research without keyword stuffing
  • Prioritization of user experience (UX)
  • Backlinks that are built to be reliable and credible
  • Descriptive meta tags
  • Navigable website architecture

White Hat SEO takes time, which is why many digital marketing agencies practice what is referred to as Black Hat SEO, unethical practices that quickly increase your ratings, but do not follow search engine standards. By practicing Black Hat SEO, you risk your website being blacklisted or banned from search engines.

At Metric Marketing, we practice White Hat SEO, meaning building your SEO will take time as we create a sturdy foundation to continue ethical digital growth for your website, brand, and business. We believe in the long-term value of your site, which is done using ethical SEO practices.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Services & Decisions

Our team at Metric Marketing is proud of our results. Since the very beginning, our team of digital marketing services experts has created optimized websites, grown our clients’ SEO, managed social media, and provided internet marketing services for all of our clients.

We can successfully do so because we base all of our digital marketing decisions on the data we collect. By looking at website analytics, traffic reports, social media pages, and many other metrics, we make informed, data-driven decisions to optimize your digital marketing strategy.

We Prioritize Communication With Clients

Our team at Metric Marketing is all about building personal relationships with our clients. We firmly believe that knowing your business well allows us to get the incredible digital marketing results that we do for clients. We hold communication up high in our standards.

Communication is essential to providing professional digital marketing services. We know that without communication, customizable marketing strategies are nearly impossible. Your company is unique. You do not fit into a marketing strategy box. Instead, through communication and relationship-building, we have the ability to implement customized, strategic internet marketing services just for your company’s needs.

Read Our Client Case Studies

Digital marketing is a crucial component of your business’s success. Investing in digital marketing services is a smart business decision that can alter your company’s success for the better. But don’t let us just tell you. See how we helped:

Take a look at our case results to learn more about how we have helped our clients using the power of digital marketing services.

Reach Out to Metric Marketing Today for a Consultation

Our digital marketing team of experts can help you answer any questions you may have, from broad questions like “What is digital marketing?” to the more niche questions like “Which marketing KPI is best for my company?”

Our team of experts here at Metric Marketing is here for your marketing needs. Our marketing agency services work together to create a well-rounded marketing strategy.

Connect with us to start a conversation about your digital marketing needs. Call us at (734) 404-8714 or fill out an online contact form today. We’re looking forward to connecting with you!

Digital Marketing Services FAQ

As an agency that provides digital marketing services, we understand that you may have questions—probably a lot of them. That’s great! We love questions and want to connect with you in order to answer them. Here are some questions that seem to pop up quite a bit in our queries.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is how you intentionally present your business’s brand online to increase leads and traffic. Digital marketing includes many different aspects of creating an online presence, which then works together to achieve a goal. For example, your website’s SEO is only going to increase when you have a positive user experience (UX) created by your web development and how your business is presented through your content marketing.

Digital marketing is all about how you engage with your audience online. Building your brand with digital marketing happens on your website, on your social media profiles, through email, and with your ads. The goal of digital marketing services is to successfully engage and communicate with your online audience.

How Much Will Digital Marketing Services Cost?

The cost of digital marketing services varies depending on what services you need and for how long. Unlike other digital marketing services agencies, Metric Marketing does not rope you into lengthy contracts. We work under the belief that our work speaks for itself. If you are satisfied with our results, you can continue working with us!

It’s important to know that digital marketing does take patience. Growth does not happen overnight. As we gather more and more data from our marketing strategies, then we can make better-informed decisions on how to market for your company.

Digital marketing doesn’t just stop when you’ve hit a goal. It’s a continuous process that is worth the investment. It’s costlier to not invest in a professional digital marketing agency.

If you’d like to discuss services and costs, we would love to chat more with you!

Which Internet Marketing Service Is Right for My Business or Website?

It’s important to work with a well-rounded digital marketing services agency to maximize your business’s digital marketing success. However, you may just want or need to focus on certain aspects of digital marketing. Although digital marketing services work together—i.e. brand voice over your social platforms and website—the digital marketing services you invest in will depend on your goals.

We provide services for all different types of businesses. If you are a biotech agency, law firm, or software company, we have specialized knowledge in your industry. Our extra level of understanding has made us a reputable, reliable digital marketing agency in these three fields. We have a particular understanding of each of these industries, and we also know the constraints of each, so we can help your business succeed.

However, just because we have specializations in certain fields, does not mean you cannot trust us with your business in a different industry. We apply our digital marketing knowledge to all industries. We believe that every business, big or small, deserves a marketing strategy that is unique to them. We have the skills and experience to help you create and implement the strategy that is right for you.

Metric’s process for developing a marketing strategy involves making your goals a reality, no matter what those objectives may be. We will work with you to evaluate where you’re at right now in your digital presence, and create goals together that will benefit your presence online and build your digital marketing success.

Speak with our team about evaluating what goals you have and how digital marketing can help you achieve them. Every company is different, each with its own strengths and challenges. Our team here at Metric Marketing will create a custom, data-driven, achievable digital marketing strategy for your business’s objectives.

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