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First, let's answer all of your graphic design questions!

Establishing a design that’s an accurate reflection of your reputation is indispensable to company growth. Your logo and overall design should tell a story about your business.

Our goal at Metric Marketing is to create authentic designs that are representative of your mission, vision, and personality. We strive to answer the “who, what, when, where, and how” of your business and then create a design to match.

Want to see a brand that we built from the ground up? Check out the Akadeum Case Study.

Graphic Design Capabilities

Our creative graphic designers can tackle any design essential for your business, such as:

  • Website redesign
  • Print and digital marketing materials
  • Logo refresh
  • Business cards
  • Letterheads & envelopes
  • Infographics
  • And much more

No matter what design you have in mind, we’ll ensure your business looks flawless both on and offline.

Starting at the basic: What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the visual story that you tell about your brand to your customers/clients. Your brand is your business’s personality. It encompasses who you are, and what tone you set for your audience. One of the major components of a strong brand is the visual tools that you use to nonverbally communicate who you are.

Your graphic design is a visual reputation of your business. The images, colors, fonts, and designs that make up your brand are attributes that make you, you! That’s why a well-designed logo is so important. You use graphic design to communicate with your customers/clients.

So much of what makes your company a success is how your audience engages with you. Graphic design can create a memorable, positive user experience that keeps people returning to your business again and again.

Creative graphic design requires skills in illustrating software and broad knowledge of how to apply graphic design to multiple mediums, including brochures, merchandise, web design, and more, all of which we’ll discuss a little later on. Finding a graphic design company that can translate your personality into visual branding is essential for graphic design branding.

Is Graphic Design Different From Creative Design?

The marketing world often uses the terms graphic design and creative design interchangeably. This is not necessarily wrong, especially when a creative designer creates graphic designs. However, there are differences in the process of graphic vs. creative design. So let’s start at the beginning by asking the question: What is creative design?

Creative design is the starting process of designing your brand. It does not necessarily take skill in software like Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator. However, when working in digital marketing, having digital artist skills is helpful. But at its core, creative design is the conceptualizing component for your brand. Creative designers can start with a blank sheet of paper or a blank screen, and come up with an entire art piece that can then be elaborated on further down the line.

Creative design is an important beginning step in the branding process. It takes theory and creativity and turns them into a concept that graphic designers can run with. Creative design takes innovation and the ability to think creatively.

Graphic design, on the other hand, is the practice of applying creative theory. Making something visual by using creative software is the role of the graphic designer. They have the tools and ability to take a concept and make a visual experience for the audience. For example, they can create a brand design based on the concepts a creative designer imagined.

How To Use Graphic Design For Marketing?

Graphic design is the glue that holds digital marketing together. Graphic design services take into account every single visual aspect of your brand, company, website, and more. There are many ways to use graphic design in marketing, all of which can help you establish your brand and engage with your customers/clients.

Let’s take a look at an example of how to use graphic design in marketing. When a graphic design company designs a website, nothing is there by accident. Building the code for a website requires precision. Every single white space you see on your screen, the scroll bar, pictures, even the space between the letters you’re reading right now, are intentionally placed for your user experience.

Graphic design works to curate the user experience (UX) that your audience members have, and how they interact with your website.

Pro tip: How your audience engages with your website plays a crucial role in your search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO. A graphic design company will dedicate its efforts to ensuring your customers/clients and SEO reap mutual benefits.

But designing UX for a website is just one of the many components of creative graphic design.

In reality, marketing graphic design is any time your audience—users who interact with you online or in-person—is shown a visual of your brand. This can be in the form of:

  • Your logo
  • An advertisement
  • Your color schemes
  • A website banner
  • A poster in your community
  • A pamphlet
  • The layout of your website
  • The font you use
  • And much more

A graphic design company will help you with every small detail. To really answer the question of how to get the most out of graphic design services and put them into practice, start with establishing your brand identity, then continue to create consistent visuals that communicate your brand to your audience.

Working with a graphic design company like Metric Marketing can help you produce a well-rounded marketing graphic design strategy. We can work together to find your brand and create visuals that tell your brand’s story.

How Is Graphic Design Important For My Business?

Graphic design drives your marketing. It’s important to your business because it:

  • Helps establish your brand
  • Creates visuals that establish brand recognition
  • Creates consistency in your mission and vision
  • Communicates with your audience
  • Engages on social media
  • Tells stories, big and small, about who you are as a business

Marketing advertising graphic design is what your audience will see when they come into contact with your company. Without graphic design, creating a consistent narrative is nearly impossible.

Creative design services can help conceptualize what your brand needs to say about you. Graphic design services make that a reality. When you have a consistent online marketing graphic design approach, you have the power to connect with your customers/clients by establishing consistent visuals. Consistency with your brand design creates a sense of recognition, which deepens customer loyalty.

Ultimately, the more people who recognize and trust your brand, the greater your return on investment (ROI) will be. Good digital marketing design for your business will establish your reputation and give your audience the who, what, where, when, why, and how, all accomplished through visual narratives.

Design Services

Logo & Brand Design

Your logo is one of the key points of recognition for your customers/clients. A well-designed logo can make a lasting impression. By incorporating a clever design, your brand can lead to trusting relationships with your present and future customers/clients.

Website Design

Your website design is equivalent to a physical storefront. Whether you want a total rebuild or just a backlink clean-up, Metric Marketing’s graphic design services can create an engaging, user-friendly website. A strong website can increase your SEO, drive sales, and guide your customers down your marketing funnel. Here at Metric Marketing, we supply custom templates for different types of pages on your site for the developmental team to follow.

  • Website Design
    Website Design
  • Custom WordPress Template
    Custom WordPress Template
  • Landing Page
    Landing Page
  • Custom Icons
    Custom Icons
  • Banners

Print Design

Having a solid foundation for your brand is important to print design. As tangible material, print design plays a huge role in the interpersonal interactions your customers/clients have with your business.

  • Posters
  • Business Cards
    Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Signage

Graphic Design

Digital marketing is now at the forefront of advertising, and graphic design is the face of that marketing. Working with a graphic design company that has in-depth knowledge on how to create engaging, balanced designs will make your branding aesthetically appealing. Metric Marketing graphic design services include visuals for paid ads, landing pages, illustrations, graphic designs for eBooks, app notes, and other downloadable content.

  • Paid Advertisement Visuals
    Paid Advertisement Visuals
  • Presentation Decks
    Presentation Decks
  • E-Books
  • App Notes
    App Notes
  • Infographics


Illustration is the artistry of your brand. It can be applied digitally and tangibly. Illustrations that coincide with your brand broaden your story visually and give your products a special touch!

  • Scientific Illustration
    Scientific Illustration
  • Card Design
    Card Design
  • E-Books
  • App Notes
    App Notes


Merchandise is walking advertisements. Whether you give away pens or wear your logo around town, your brand on merchandise places you in multiple spaces. Metric Marketing offers graphic design for merchandising, print advertisement, trade show equipment, business cards, and other non-digital applications.

  • T-Shirts
  • Apparel
  • Packaging
  • Mugs
  • Trade Show
    Trade Show
  • Other Merchandise
    Other Merchandise

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