We Don’t Play by the Marketing Rulebook

Metric Marketing is your full-service marketing partner that colors outside of the lines.

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Metric Marketing: Boost Your Bottom Line

Rethinking Marketing From the Ground Up

Online marketing has forever changed the way people seek out and interact with businesses.

At Metric Marketing, we’re not afraid to rip up the playbook. Instead of rehashing the same old tactics, our outside-the-box marketing strategies combine analytics with imagination. The result? Innovative digital campaigns that grab attention.

We do things differently and are fearless in proving it

Creativity and collaboration are at the heart of everything we do. While we value best practices, we know when rules should be bent…or broken. We focus on results through smart risks and a willingness to push boundaries. If you want a fresh marketing perspective and the courage to go off script, let’s talk.

About Metric

Your Full-Service
Digital Marketing Partner

At Metric, we design and implement proven online strategies to grow your business. Our team tracks everything from click to conversion, focusing on initiatives that drive revenue and growth.

There’s a reason we gained a coveted spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest-growing private companies in the Midwest. Our marketing approach may be simple, but our dedication and proven methodology consistently put us—and our clients—ahead of the pack..

Common benefits of working with Metric’s online marketing specialists include:

  • Greater return on investment
  • Increased visibility
  • Cost savings from efficient strategies
  • Greater customer contact
  • Measurable success
  • Confidence in business strategy
  • Ability to see what works—and change what doesn’t
Metric team sitting at tables

Experience the Power of Data-Driven Marketing

We’re a bit of a unicorn. We think in color in a facts-based manner! Everything we recommend to our clients is based on research, with a flair for creativity. Our marketing specialists find the best ways to help you succeed while your dedicated Metric account manager explains what we’re doing and why it matters to hit those goals of yours.

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Break Sales Records

Metric clients achieve an average of 70% increase in revenue.

Drive Customer Growth

Our customer-centric approach yields over 60% more qualified leads.

Dominate Search Engines

Metric’s cutting-edge SEO strategies increase organic traffic by an average of 65%.

Reach Peak Performance

Our clients’ websites earn top “A” rankings for speed, optimization, and user experience.

Invest in Success

Our investment in ongoing education keeps our clients ahead of the competition.

*Average year-over-year growth

“Elite! This is the word to describe the Metric Marketing team. I’ve been working with them for most of 2019 to help the law firm I manage get our web presence to the next level. They have certainly done that by helping us with everything from SEO, Google AdWords and social media advertising. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

Michael Lazenby, Scott D. Pollock & Associates, P.C.


Are You Our Next Client?

Our success allows us to be selective when taking on new clients. Relationships are the center of everything we do, and we want our team to have the resources to do good work while maintaining the highest level of client satisfaction.

You could be our newest partner if you:

  • Have an interesting product or service with a defined ideal customer
  • Believe a well-researched plan is the foundation for success
  • Are frustrated by past ineffective marketing efforts or overwhelmed by trying to do it all yourself
  • Understand there are no shortcuts—there’s no such thing as “overnight success”
  • Know that experimentation and an open mind are vital for growth

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Serving Our Clients
and Our Principles

Founder and CEO, Hannah McNaughton, built Metric Marketing on the belief that work should be done with joy and mutual respect. The Metric team lives out our beliefs every day, treating our clients and employees with grace and excellence while driving toward a greater sense of purpose in our work. In addition to her work at Metric Marketing, Hannah is a Forbes Agency Panel member and leads SEO training seminars nationwide.

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