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How often should my business post on Facebook?

How often should my business post on Facebook?

How often you should be posting on your business’s Facebook page varies. A lot. Posting times depend on the amount of followers you have as well as their interests, age range, and even their habits on Facebook. Frustrating answer, right? Look at Your Follower Count…

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Can one person handle a company's marketing?

Can one person handle a company’s marketing?

According to Capital One, 76% of business owners face marketing challenges, with 39% claiming they have not executed any marketing initiatives in the past six months; 18% of business owners struggle with getting advice on best marketing approaches; and 41% of business owners struggle to…

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digital marketing team working together for clients

Why do I need a digital marketing team?

A lot of steps go into digital marketing. To name a few: foundational research, website audit and redesign, website development and updates, strategy development, content marketing, social media marketing and management, video marketing, press work, email marketing, graphic design, paid search campaign management, and search…

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