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Celebrating International Women’s Day: Insights and Success Stories From Metric Marketing’s Female Leaders

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate women’s contributions and achievements. In honor of this day, leaders at Metric Marketing shared their insights, advice, and success stories.

As a female-founded and female-led marketing agency, Metric Marketing’s leaders highlighted the importance of seeking out mentors, not muting your emotions, and embracing transparency as women in the workplace. These tips and success stories can serve as inspiration and encouragement for other women starting or navigating their careers.

What Advice Do You Have for Young Women Who Are Just Starting Their Professional Journeys?

It’s Acceptable to Talk About Money

Ask people about their salary, including friends, family, and coworkers. Also, ask them about how their salary has changed over time. This topic isn’t nearly as taboo as it used to be, but it can still be uncomfortable. However, I am far more comfortable in salary negotiations when I know what other people in similar positions are paid. And for some reason, knowing real salaries feels more empowering than simple salary market research. Averages without names are just that, averages.” – Kristy Sturgill, Content Writer

The journey is intimidating and hard; however, the outcome and the results will show more of the transformation that YOU go through.” – Stephanie Hernandez, Website Developer

Your Life Doesn’t Have to Follow a Formula

“Believe in yourself. You’ve likely had a lot of limitations placed on you your entire life—often by people who love you, but probably mostly by yourself. You have to shift your beliefs. You have to get past all the internal voices that are telling you you’re not good enough, what you ‘should’ do, or who ‘people like you’ become. 

Your life is your own. Dig deep to discover what you truly want from it. Not only in your career but in your personal life, too. Regardless of how it may feel, life doesn’t have to follow a pre-set timeline. You can be married and raise a family and be in school and have a career in any order and all at the same time. Don’t wait to live. Don’t wait to find JOY. It may not be the easiest choice, but it certainly is the most rewarding.” Hannah McNaughton, Founder & CEO

Know Your Worth & Don’t Give Away Work for Free

For the first three or so years, as much as you’re able to, go after every learning opportunity you can and forget about how much it pays. But don’t do a bunch of work for free… unless you want to. Know your worth! Lean into your strengths, but don’t be afraid to be bad at something slightly outside your comfort zone. Being bad at a new skill is the first requirement to getting good at it. Ask for feedback, adjust, and persist.

Marketing is a broad field with tons of areas you can specialize in whether you decide to take the broad and then narrow route, narrow and then broad, or just stay narrow forever. Listen to other people’s opinions and say thanks—and then do what feels right to you. At the end of the day, the more exploration you do, the faster you’ll find your sweet spot, but it’s also okay to just specialize in one area from the get-go. Especially if it’s content marketing… holla!” – Becca Peterson, Content Writer

Seek Mentorship

Find a female mentor either inside or outside your workplace. Make sure she’s someone who is older than you and has a lot more experience. She can help push you to become better and teach you things that only come with experience (i.e., reading the room, communicating effectively for different personality types, deciphering if you should really be mad about something or if you just misinterpreted someone’s tone, etc.). If you’re looking to break a glass ceiling, she will likely help you get there!” – Eryn Aubey, Account Executive

It’s Okay to Fail

Do not be afraid to fail. If you’re putting in the work and it’s just not working for you, start somewhere new—even if it means taking a few steps back or changing career paths. Sometimes one step backward means three steps forward.” – Paige Evans, Director of Operations

Be Confident in Your Own Voice

“Remember that you have a voice. Do not be afraid to share your perspective, opinions, and thoughts even if you feel you haven’t had enough experience yet. You never know how your ideas will impact others!” Alex Wheeler, Account Manager

Seek Advice

“Learn from what those ahead of you have to teach….soak up advice, ask people out to coffee (or virtual drinks), and ask questions! Don’t think you know it all, but also be confident in your own personal and work experiences.”Isabelle Owens, Content Manager

It’s Okay to Make Mistakes on Your Professional Journey

“Believe in yourself. You are more capable than you think!

Words matter. Pay attention to what you tell yourself. Be your best cheerleader!

This journey is full of mountains and valleys. Enjoy the mountains, but don’t be discouraged when facing the lows in your career.

This journey is not a straight line. It’s good to be flexible and open.

Always have a learning attitude in all you do! Learn from others. Sometimes this takes work, but it will help you grow professionally and personally.

You’ll make mistakes, and you’ll be disappointed about it. Take time to process it and then use the experience to reflect, learn, and progress. See the good!

It’s ok to disagree with others, but do so respectfully. Network and network some more. Build a network of mentors, colleagues, and friends who can support you.”Carolin Menéndez, Content Editor

What Are Some of the Biggest Misconceptions People Have About Women in the Workplace, and How Do You Address Them?

Women With Kids Can Have a Successful Career

“The biggest misconception I’ve encountered is that women with children are less productive or are less of an asset than those who do not. I have a one-year-old and also help run a very successful marketing agency. I think that my experience in each individual part of my life helps make me successful in the other parts. I’ve learned how to multitask efficiently, how to say no to tasks I cannot take on, how to protect my time, and how to prioritize more effectively.”Paige Evans, Director of Operations

Emotions Should Not Be Muted

“Women are always seen as too emotional. Don’t always mistake someone’s emotion for passion. You will confront situations that will be out of your comfort zone. In those situations, you will hurt, you will cry, and you will feel every emotion from the sea to the heavens, but it’s how you channel that that will help you achieve your goals.” – Stephanie Hernandez, Website Developer

Leadership Styles Look Different

“Not every woman has the same leadership style. The stereotypical leadership style of a woman leader is one where every meeting is easygoing and has a ‘connection’ time. I lead in a direct and to-the-point manner, but to prevent that from coming across as aggressive, I’ve learned to have more situational and emotional awareness, which is important, especially in remote positions! This skill has resulted in more efficient meetings while still creating positive work relationships, and it’s even spilled over into my personal life.” – Isabelle Owens, Content Manager

Emotional Intelligence Creates Success

“Unfortunately, there is a misconception that emotional decision-making might cause issues or negatively impact the workplace. It’s my belief that having a balance of emotional and logical decision-makers leading a company allows employees to feel validated in not only what they contribute to their company through their work, but also what they contribute as human beings. Since women often have strong emotional intelligence, we can use this strength to empower each other to make decisions thoughtfully and empathetically, leading with love.Alex Wheeler, Account Manager

Moms Have a Secret Ability to Manage

“That moms are not good employees—especially those with young kids. Here’s the secret: Moms seem to have a heightened ability to manage. They have had no choice but to learn by being thrown into the deep end.” – Hannah McNaughton, Founder & CEO

Be True to Yourself

“Several years ago, I was in a performance review, and some feedback said, ‘you’re a lot.’ They meant some people felt I brought too much energy and intensity to my work, which was off-putting for those who felt that way. I think there is a misconception that women should present themselves in a specific way that is delicate, soft, and nurturing.

I remember thinking then, ‘What does that mean?’ Should I be quieter? Should I share my ideas and opinions less or with less enthusiasm? Then I couldn’t help but wonder if I were a man, would they find my intensity inspiring instead of intimidating? After plenty of reflection, I decided that I am a lot, and that is valuable in the right context. If that’s too much for some people, then that’s a ‘them problem,’ and they should find less in someone else. I won’t make myself smaller, diminish my ideas, or lower my expectations.” – Kristy Sturgill, Content Writer

What Is a Professional Achievement You’re Proud Of?

Don’t Give Up

“Not giving up. I think it’s as simple as that. And believing in myself. I am so passionate about building a culture of positivity, and it’s amazing to see it play out day after day in front of me. I am constantly in awe that these incredible people choose to spend their time building up this crazy idea alongside me and we’ve built something truly magical.” – Hannah McNaughton, Founder & CEO

Fight Against Imposter Syndrome

“I’m proud of doing things that scare me and stepping into projects or roles where I feel imposter syndrome. Every time I get nervous or afraid that I’m not cut out for this, I remind myself of how far I’ve come and why there’s no reason to doubt myself. I’m also so proud of having the opportunity to coach and mentor team members in several positions—it’s the best feeling to see your team grow into their strengths and see success. You feel so proud of them!” Isabelle Owens, Content Manager

Launch a Successful Social Media Fundraising Campaign

“For the last decade, I’ve managed social media in some way. I find it interesting because the field is always changing, and the strategies that worked last year (or even last month) might not work today. One of my more exciting achievements in this field is when I used a fundraiser feature coupled with a specific campaign to help a mental health nonprofit earn $20,000 in donations. Interestingly, these donors weren’t ‘normal’ donors, so it gave the nonprofit a lot of exposure and helped them support several of its programs. I am invited to speak at various events to help companies improve their social media, and I designed the social media management curriculum for Oral Roberts University.” – Kristy Sturgill, Content Writer

Be True to Yourself

“My career in tech was never in my plans. As a woman in tech, you are often seen as the underdog and some will try to get ahead of you. I have frequently been passed over, but I chose to own my craft and channel it where it matters. – Stephanie Hernandez, Website Developer

Build a Team

“I am most proud of the team I have helped to build. I love watching them learn, succeed, and grow together and individually.”Paige Evans, Director of Operations

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