Frequently Asked Questions

At Metric Marketing, we receive questions from our clients on a variety of topics. Please see below for our responses to the most frequent questions, ranging from beginner to advanced level.

How often should my business post on Facebook?

How often you should be posting on your business’ Facebook page varies. A lot. Posting times depend on the amount of followers you have, followers’ interests, age range, and even their habits on Facebook. Frustrating answer, right? Well, let’s back up. The rule of thumb for Facebook posts has always been twice a day. …

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Can one person handle a company’s marketing?

According to Capital One, 76% of owners face marketing challenges, with 39% claiming they have not executed any marketing initiatives in the past six months; 18% of business owners struggle with getting advice on best marketing approaches; and 41% of business owners struggle to identify and reach new customer prospects. …

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Why do I need a digital marketing team?

A lot of steps go into digital marketing. To name a few, we’ll start with: foundational research, website audit and redesign, website development and updates, strategy development, content marketing, social media marketing and management, video marketing, press work, email marketing, graphic design, paid search campaign management, and search engine optimization. …

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Why can’t you just “SEO my website”?

The ever-changing digital marketing ecosystem requires an expansive approach. Just like building a home, building a digital marketing presence requires more than one type of service—and every piece of the puzzle is as important as the next. At Metric Marketing, our hourly plans include access to all of the following …

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How long does it take to see digital marketing results?

When it comes to digital marketing, everyone is in a rush to see results. It makes sense, but you should know that results will not show immediately. Anyone can manipulate links, automate content, or use other black-hat SEO tactics to get temporary results. But that’s not what you want. You …

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How do I know digital marketing is worth the investment?

As one of the top professionals in your industry, your services aren’t cheap. You are experienced, great at what you do, and have a track record to prove it. So, when it comes to digital marketing, why do you expect cheap, quick fixes to be effective in the long run? …

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