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Improve Your SEO with Alt Text

Improve Your SEO With Alt Text

At Metric Marketing, we love tackling complex SEO challenges every day. But we also come across simple things that any website owner can fix. One of the common SEO issues is missing alternate text (alt text, alt attributes, or alt tags) on images.

Sure, some may debate the value of alt text as a Google ranking signal, but let’s cut to the chase: it’s still an SEO best practice for images. More importantly, it plays a crucial role in helping visually-impaired readers understand your content better.

How to Write Alt Tex

Your writers are perfectly fit for adding alt text. It’s less about technical skills and more about creativity. Ask your writer to describe the image as they would to someone else. No need to cram keywords. Just focus on providing helpful context. By doing this, you’ll be in the zone, crafting descriptions that genuinely benefit everyone.

And pick those images wisely! Go for ones that match your content closely. Semantically related keywords will naturally appear in your alt text descriptions, adding even more value.

While some folks are experimenting with AI and tools to create alt tags, we’ve found that human touch beats automation. A real person brings understanding and thoughtfulness that can’t be matched.

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