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40 Marketing Trends for 2023

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2023 will see many big changes in the marketing industry, including massive shifts in social media platforms and strategies. Additionally, building community will be more important than advertising alone.

Google is launching a new analytics platform and retiring the current platform, Universal Analytics. Companies are striving to make their websites more immersive and engaging, and human-centric content will outperform articles built only for algorithms.

And it’s important to note that marketers are competing with digital burnout. Everyone is waking up to the fact we need time away from our phones and computers. This means that as digital marketers, we need content that makes a significant impact with limited time and attention from viewers.

In this article, we’ve identified some of the biggest trends we expect to see in 2023 for website development, SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and graphic design.

2023 Website Design Trends 

Female website designer showing user interface design on digital tablet to creative team at office presentation.

We’ve all walked into a “dated” house. Maybe it’s the carpet color or the furniture, but something about it says “old,” and not in a good way. Similarly, websites aren’t a set-it-and-forget-it asset. 

Updating layouts, fonts, photos, etc., can help keep your website looking modern and professional and improve the user experience (UX). So what’s trending for website development in 2023? 

1. Mobile-First Web Development

Mobile-friendly websites aren’t new, but more than half of all internet traffic (59.4% in 2022) is from mobile users. How does your website perform on mobile devices? Is it optimized for vertical viewing rather than the traditional horizontal desktop screens? 

2. AI Chat Bots 

Many artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot tools allow websites to interact with visitors by answering basic questions or automating payments. Some tools are more advanced than others, but as conversational commerce becomes more accessible, it will help companies improve their customer experience.

A note of caution, your chatbot should be clearly labeled as AI and not try to pretend to be a real human interaction. Otherwise, the chatbot’s limitations will frustrate visitors. Avoid naming your chatbot something that sounds like a person’s name, such as “Sarah,” and instead use something obvious like “talk bot.” 

If someone is responsible for responding to chats on the website, include the hours of operation so people will know when they can expect a response. 

AI Chat Bot

3. Privacy and Security 

If you collect and store data (especially sensitive information) about your website visitors and customers, data security is more important than ever. While there are regulations requiring specific security measures, you also have customer trust to protect. 

This isn’t just a trend for large organizations like Google or Apple. Building a safe backend structure for websites is critical for businesses of all sizes. And if your website serves European customers, you’ll have to be aware of international data privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is why we’re all being asked to accept cookies now. 

4. Web Accessibility 

Website accessibility will continue to improve in 2023. This means ensuring your website is friendly to screen readers and has the appropriate contrast for the visually impaired. 

Some strategies to improve web accessibility include:

  • Using the appropriate heading structure (H1, H2, H3, etc.) to help people using screen readers navigate content quickly. 
  • Creating alt text for images. 
  • Avoiding “click here” and instead use descriptive links like “about us.” 
  • Labeling online forms by including words like “date of birth” instead of something general like “personal information.” 

5. Parallax and Motion 

Movement brings websites to life, which is possible because high-speed data is more accessible. Parallax scrolling adds depth to the screen because the background and the foreground move at different speeds. Here is an example of a website featuring characters from the 1985 movie The Goonies that uses parallax scrolling. 

Dockyard Social uses parallax scrolling to make a unique and modern restaurant website. Other websites are bringing movement by using videos or micro animations in their banners. 

6. Interactive Design and Storytelling 

Storytelling design uses interactive elements to illustrate a narrative. This strategy allows visitors to discover information through responsive elements. These websites might also use videos and animations to help move the visitor through the narrative. 

The term scrollytelling is sometimes used to describe when stories unfold as the user scrolls down the page. This page on the New York Times uses scrollytelling to illustrate their story on the Urban transition.



Colorful and abstract magnifying glass pattern

Search engine optimization (SEO) is optimizing web pages to make them more visible and attractive to search engines, especially Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This can be achieved via methods like keyword research, content optimization, link building, and technical optimization. 

Here are the trends we’re following in 2023:

7. Increased Voice Search 

In 2023, voice search and natural language processing are expected to become more popular. This means companies should optimize their content for conversational queries.

SEO-friendly content should include natural language. For example, a typical keyword might be something like “B2B marketing trends 2023,” but optimized for voice search, you might instead use, “What are the B2B marketing trends in 2023?” 

8. A Focus on Local SEO

Almost 46% of all Google searches use local qualifiers like “near me.” Improving local rankings begins with updating and completing all the information on your Google Business Profile. You should also work on building backlinks from local sources, uploading business photos, and asking your customers to leave reviews because they affect your local rankings. 

Local SEO - Google My Business

9. The Rise of Featured Snippets 

Featured snippets are search results that appear at the top of Google’s search engine results page (SERP). They feature a description and link to the content. These featured snippets get a lot of attention and are attractive to search engine users because they provide instant answers. 

As a result, earning the featured snippet spot is often more important than ranking number one on the SERP. To achieve this, you can use structured data like Schema Markup or JSON-LD to help search engines better understand the context of your web pages and provide accurate answers.

10. Image Optimization 

In the rush to hit publish, many companies will skip the important step of optimizing their images. In 2023, it’s time to retire the bland stock photos. Not that stock photography isn’t practical, but websites that customize their images to their brand will perform better. Additionally, every image should have a unique file name, include alt text, and be sized appropriately for page speed. And as a bonus, all of this optimization also improves accessibility.

11. Index Now

IndexNow makes it easier for website owners to quickly inform search engines about their latest content or website updates. This helps reduce the time (and energy) it usually takes for search engine crawlers to discover and index changes in web pages, helping SERPs stay up-to-date and accurate. And Google indicated it’s interested in using IndexNow or a similar tool.

12. The GA4 Anticipated Launch

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is Google’s newest, most advanced analytics platform and the successor to Universal Analytics. GA4 is powered by machine learning and offers a range of features and benefits to help website owners understand their customers better, drive more conversions, and improve the overall user experience. 

The new platform offers improved data collection capabilities with several new built-in event types that allow for greater customization and accuracy in measuring user behavior across web pages. Additionally, GA4 introduces enhanced insights with real-time reports that provide more granular detail on trends over time.

Finally, machine learning algorithms predict future customer behavior, which can be leveraged for marketing strategies or other operational decisions. All of these features are designed to help ensure businesses have the best data available to them at all times so they can act quickly and make informed decisions about optimizing their sites for maximum success.

2023 Pay-Per-Click Advertising Trends

PPC - Pay Per Click concept Businessman working concept ppc

In 2023, pay-per-click (PPC) is expected to grow even more popular as businesses try to get their message out quickly and maximize their return on investment (ROI). With PPC, you can target potential customers with a precise message at the right time.

13. New Automation Capabilities

Google continues to roll out more automated bidding strategies, making it one of the most exciting trends in 2023. Additionally, there are new native and third-party automation tools available. In the next year, small to mid-sized businesses will have more opportunities to compete with larger companies.

With these new features, you could speed up workflows with scripts. This means less time spent on tedious tasks and more time spent on high-impact strategies like content creation.

Ultimately, you’ll have to experiment with these new tools and determine which improves ROI.

14. Increased Video Ads

Video advertising is expected to become more popular in 2023. More than 80% of video marketers say video has helped them generate leads. And brand association increases by 139% after watching a video. YouTube has also launched TrueView for action ads, making it easier than ever to track conversions from video ads.

15. Diversifying PPC Platforms

PPC is typically associated with search engines like Google. However, in 2023, there are increasing PPC opportunities on social platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.) and on marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart.

16. Experimenting With New Ad Types

In 2023, you should experiment with new ad types on search engines, social media platforms, and more. It’s becoming more affordable to branch into formats typically reserved for high-dollar advertising campaigns, such as podcasting and connected TV. These platforms can help you reach potential customers in different ways, which could give you an edge over competitors.

17. Performance Max Innovations

In 2023, you should prepare for significant changes in how algorithms sort and display content. Performance Max (PMax) is Google’s new campaign type for optimizing your bids and placement based on your conversion goals. This could help businesses with limited resources get maximum performance from their campaigns. It is worth experimenting with Performance Max, however, it does take away a lot of the ad manager’s control over campaign settings. Implement wisely!

2023 Content Marketing Trends

Clarifying the concept for their campaign

Telling stories, creating content for SEO, and engaging with customers will be more important than ever in 2023. Companies that create compelling customer experiences and develop deep relationships by sharing valuable content will stand out from the competition.

18. The Importance of Long-Form, High-Quality Content 

E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) is a part of Google’s algorithm that defines what ranks in search results. Essentially, your content should be helpful to visitors, created by an expert, and updated regularly for accuracy and relevancy. 

High quality is subjective, but Google wants content to be robust and unique, not a simple 500-word blog rehashing basic topics or ideas. Speaking of word count, the average length of a page that ranks on the first Google SERP is 1,500 words. And there is a correlation between length and backlinks, which are another important ranking factor. 

19. Multimedia Blogs 

Multimedia blogs are a great tool in 2023. Use videos, audio clips, and other media to boost user engagement and keep them coming back. Not only do they add more depth to the subject matter, but they also help break up the text, which is more visually appealing for your readers.

20. Writing for People, Not Algorithms 

Over the past few years, much of SEO writing has focused on keywords and “pleasing” algorithms. But in 2023, you should focus more on creating content for actual humans. That means providing valuable information that is helpful, interesting, and easy to read.

21. Mix Up Your Content Strategy 

2023 will be a great year to mix up your content strategy. Use different content formats, such as podcasts, webinars, and videos, to reach new audiences. Additionally, create evergreen content that stands the test of time rather than focusing exclusively on trendy topics.

22. Integrated Digital Strategies 

The best digital strategies in 2023 will be holistic and integrated across multiple channels. That means creating content for every buyer journey stage and leveraging different platforms to reach potential customers.

23. Using Data to Improve Content Performance

Data is your best friend in 2023. Use analytics to understand which types of content are performing well and tweak your strategy accordingly. You should also use data to personalize content for different audiences to help boost engagement and conversions. 

With new tools like GA4 and third-party analytics, there is more data to analyze than there is time to do so. That means you should carefully decide what metrics are meaningful, and be consistent in your reports. You should capture metrics like page views, duration on the page, and bounce rates.

24. Repurpose and Refresh

Optimizing existing content is critical in any year, but especially in 2023. Tear down your old content and rebuild it from the ground up. Update outdated information, add multimedia elements, and break up long blocks of text. It will take more time upfront but can result in a measurable ROI.

25. The Rise of AI

AI will be a powerful tool in 2023, and it is already being used to automate many aspects of content marketing. AI can help you research topics more quickly and efficiently, curate content, and track trends. 

A note of caution, however: It could seem like AI makes content easy breezy, but you shouldn’t depend solely on AI-written content. Remember, well-researched, valuable, and human-centered content will always outperform generic content.

26. Co-Marketing and Content Collaboration

Partnerships are a great way to build relationships, leverage each other’s audiences, and create content that is bigger than any one brand could do alone. Seek out for collaborators with similar objectives and complementary talents. You don’t have to limit yourself to the same industry, either—consider connecting with businesses that complement your products or services. 

For example, a cleaning company could partner with a real-estate agency. While their industries are different, the real estate agency could post on social media about how a cleaning company can help someone prepare to sell their home. Alternatively, the cleaning company could have a home seller’s checklist authored by the real estate agency on their website, which would include why a cleaning service is a worthwhile investment. 

27. Storytelling with Audio 

While podcasting has been around for more than 15 years, it’s still growing in popularity. It seems like everyone is starting a podcast from brands and celebrities to influencers and college students. But storytelling formats are slowly replacing the typical monologue or interview formats. Why? Because it’s more interesting. 

Podcasters are weaving together multiple conversations around a topic or sharing ambient noise of the situation they are describing that drops a listener in a narrative rather than having them just join a conversation. Podcasts like Hidden Brain and Snap Judgment are driving some of these trends, but we expect to see more of this storytelling format in 2023, especially from brands that have typically used an interviewing format. 

2023 Social Media Marketing Trends

Viral content, social activity and smm - likes, shares and comments popping up on the mobile screen. Vector illustration

New leaders are taking center stage in the social media industry. Platforms like TikTok are growing rapidly, while others are losing active accounts. If you change nothing about your social media strategy next year, you risk a steady decline in engagement and reach. However, you must focus on channels that best fit your audience and paid campaigns.

28. Reaching New Audiences

In 2023, you should focus on exploring new audiences. Platforms like TikTok have become popular, of course. But it’s not just the big names making a splash. As people leave platforms like Twitter, they will be looking for similar niche platforms, such as Mastodon, Discord, and Reddit communities. 2023 is the year we could see a shift in where people spend the bulk of their social media time.

29. Building Community

2023 will be a year for building relationships and community. Focus on developing meaningful connections with your readers and customers rather than just trying to make a sale. People buy from brands they know and trust—and that means creating content that builds loyalty and encourages interaction.

Additionally, as more people experience digital burnout, they’ll flee mass communications and seek more meaningful interactions with people and brands they care about. Build or curate a space in 2023 where people want to invest their leisure time.

30. Short-Form Video

Short-form videos can be an effective way to reach new audiences in 2023. Whether it’s on YouTube Shorts, TikTok, or Instagram Reels, people are craving “biteable” content that is quick and to the point. 

And just because the videos are short doesn’t mean consumption time decreases. In fact, on average, viewers watch 19 hours of video content weekly. And 80% of mobile data traffic is attributed to short-form video consumption. 

What counts as a short-form video? Anything one to three minutes or less.

31. BeReal and Instagram Candid

In 2023, people are looking for realness and authenticity. Be the face of your brand on social media and show the human side of your business. Showcase customer stories, behind-the-scenes content, product features, and more—all to make a connection with customers who want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

BeReal is a new platform largely adopted by younger college-aged audiences. It functions much like Snapchat, but with a challenge added to the mix. After getting a notification, you have two minutes to respond with a photo. Your camera takes a selfie of you and an image of what you’re looking at. There are no filters, so it’s designed to be authentic and spur of the moment.

By itself, this platform might not be newsworthy. However, Instagram is trying to duplicate its features, so the format might stick and expand to other platforms like Facebook in 2023.

32. New Nano-Influencer and Micro-Influencer Strategies

Leveraging influencer marketing to reach new audiences in 2023 means looking at nano-influencers and micro-influencers, who have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers on social media platforms. These small-time influencers have big-time engagement. They know what their audiences like and want, and they deliver consistently.

33. Leveraging User-Generated Content

The difference between influencers and user-generated content is that users aren’t typically part of paid partnerships. Instead, this strategy leverages your community and followers to build content. It might include some kind of promotion (like getting entered in a giveaway for using a specific hashtag), but it can also be as simple as having a selfie station at events or at your location. You might also reshare content organically published by people using your products or services. 

The benefit of this strategy is that you get to showcase real people who engage with your brand in some meaningful way. It adds authenticity and builds trust with your prospects. As more people experience digital fatigue, user-generated content might be the key to capturing people’s limited attention. 

2023 Email Marketing Trends

E-mail Marketing

Email is still an efficient way to reach customers in 2023. You should use segmentation, automation, and personalization to get the most out of your campaigns. Additionally, you can leverage AI-driven analytics to understand customer behavior better and optimize campaigns accordingly.

34. Leveraging Plain Text Email

Plain text emails, while simple in appearance, can be highly effective. This type of email is straightforward, which many people find refreshing. Plain text emails allow you to connect with your customers and build relationships.

35. Interactive Emails

Interactive emails are a great way to stand out in 2023. They allow you to engage with your customers by providing them with content they can interact with, including polls, surveys, and games. This type of email is highly engaging and can increase customer loyalty and retention.

36. Personalized Emails

Marketers should use dynamic content, customer segmentation, and AI-driven insights to create highly personalized emails tailored to each customer’s needs and preferences. This type of email is much more effective than a generic one-size-fits-all approach.

37. Email List Management

Cleaning up your email lists is essential in 2023, as it will help increase engagement and ensure you’re only sending emails to people who actually want to receive them. You can reduce bounce rates and maintain a healthy email list by removing inactive subscribers, segmenting your list, and using re-engagement campaigns.

2023 Graphic Design Trends

Two Graphic designer Brainstorming Meeting and drawing on graphics tablet at workplace

Graphic design trends in 2023 will continue to move towards minimalism, movement, and possibly some retro themes. Additionally, AI-driven applications are becoming more ubiquitous, allowing dynamic and personalized designs.

38. Gradients 

Just like fashion trends, colors will trend in web development. Currently, more websites are choosing to use gradient backgrounds rather than flat colors, which is likely to continue in 2023. 

39. Overlapping Elements

For several years, minimalism has been the go-to design style for many companies. However, some designers are pushing these minimalist boundaries with overlapping elements and text to add texture and depth to usually flat pages.

40. 3D Graphics 

The tools for 3D design continue to improve. Web developers in 2023 will be able to create 3D images and textures that look more realistic than ever. And some brands are creating immersive scrolling experiences with 3D designs.

41. Retro Design 

OK, we admit it…we have one more, making it 41 marketing trends for 2023, not 40. But the more the merrier!

Retro design has been staging a comeback, and the trend will likely continue into 2023. Websites will use vintage fonts, colors, and shapes to create an old-school look that evokes nostalgia.

How Metric Tracks the Latest Marketing Trends

The marketing world is constantly changing, which can make it challenging to keep up with the latest trends. Here at Metric Marketing, we stay ahead of the curve by reading industry publications, attending conferences and networking events, observing our competitors’ activities, and keeping in touch with influencers in the digital marketing space. 

All of this hard work allows us to stay current on the latest marketing trends and anticipate emerging trends before they take off. With our insights, we can help you create a successful marketing strategy for 2023.

We Want to Help You Reach Your Marketing Goals in 2023

Curious about how your business can capitalize on the latest marketing trends for 2023? Metric Marketing can help. Contact us today, and let us show you how we can help you reach your marketing goals in 2023. Our experts are here to answer any questions and provide the tools, insights, and strategies you need to succeed.

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