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The AI Advantage: Insights From the Metric Team

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AI Is the Future of Marketing—Are You Ready?

As the digital landscape evolves, marketers must navigate an ever-expanding universe of data, channels, and consumer preferences. And in this era of hyper-connectivity, AI emerges as a game-changer, empowering marketers to unlock new levels of personalization, efficiency, and effectiveness. Yet, many marketers are overwhelmed by AI’s futuristic feel and the explosion of tools and resources. It can feel like we unlocked a new video game level of the future and have no idea where to start. 

At Metric Marketing, we understand the immense potential of AI in revolutionizing marketing strategies, campaigns, and customer experiences. By harnessing the power of AI, our team has increased efficiency, unlocked creative ideas, and transformed internal processes for our clients across diverse industries. (As a side note, we’re not always all about business 24/7; we’ve also earnestly sought out the easter eggs of AI to plan vacations, check the latest sports scores, explore silly memes, and create meal plans!)

You may have heard the saying that marketing leaders and mentors love to use to calm frantic marketers’ nerves: AI won’t replace marketers. But it will replace marketers who don’t embrace AI.

And it’s true. Marketers—and anybody in the professional world—now have an assistant, writer, editor, researcher, data analyst, web developer, brainstorming partner, and so much more at their fingertips. The choice is yours whether you will tap into this wealth of information to unlock the next level of your career and business.

Whether you’re a marketer, CEO, Director of Operations, or a business intern, we encourage you to embrace AI. This resource is a great step to incorporate AI into your marketing toolkit. We’ll explore real-world examples, actionable tips, and practical hacks from the Metric Marketing team to help you leverage AI effectively, amplify your marketing efforts, and propel your business toward success.

Get ready to supercharge your marketing efforts with AI—game on!

Become a Prompt Engineer 

“While there are so many AI tools that enable users to complete a plethora of tasks (from writing code to drafting schema markup), I can’t not mention the power of combining ChatGPT with Keywords Everywhere.

Chat GPT is a powerful tool, but it’s only as good as the prompts you input. Using Keywords Everywhere’s prompt templates, you can take the guesswork out of ChatGPT to outline blog articles, provide alternate titles, or even develop a comprehensive social media calendar. The opportunities are endless, and combining these two tools will take your prompting game to the next level.”  Hannah McNaughton, Founder & CEO

“Remember, prompting is everything. You can spend hours asking the same question and not get the desired result if you don’t understand how ChatGPT interprets requests. Contextual hints are the difference between optimization and uselessness.”  Elliot Perpich, SEO Specialist

Focus on Your Zone of Genius—Let AI Do the Rest

ChatGPT is a great research tool for me. Whenever I want some references or statements to help me research my topic, it fetches it while I can focus on the bigger picture and provide clients and my team with the necessary customization to help make websites one-of-a-kind and understand holistic digital marketing strategies.” – Stephanie Hernandez, Lead Developer

“Client meetings over the last several months have been filled with talk of AI! It is exciting to offer new tools and solutions to clients who need help generating ideas or creating content such as social media posts. I often see our clients struggle to devote the time necessary to do ‘simple’ tasks. Tools like ChatGPT offer day-to-day assistance to CEOs and Marketing Directors who want to spend more time thinking about the big picture and less time getting caught up in small projects.”  Alex Wheeler, Account Manager

Overcome Writer’s Block

“I’ve ben loving HubSpot’s Content Assistant lately. I appreciate the Content Assistant because it can help me adjust tone or re-write something to make it a bit more catchy, human, and less technical when a piece of content in HubSpot needs to be more relatable! I don’t always use the suggestions it provides, but when I hit writer’s block on a landing page or in an email, it comes in clutch to help me think about my wording in a different light.” – Shane Torrey, VP of Marketing

AI tools like ChatGPT are my not-so-secret weapon against writer’s block. As a science writer, I often have to distill a lot of technical information into just a few hundred words. Getting that first paragraph right is so important to setting the tone of the piece and explaining what information will be covered…and it’s also where I get the worst writer’s block. I’ve found that asking AI what it thinks are the most important aspects of a specific topic helps me get in the groove and focus on the topic—even if I don’t always agree with the response!” Micaela Trexler, Science Content Writer

“ChatGPT is super helpful for overcoming writer’s block and helps me be much more efficient with my writing time. Sometimes I’ll know the information I want to convey but can’t figure out how to phrase it in a way that is neat and easy to digest. With ChatGPT, I can just write in a stream-of-consciousness manner and preface it with a ‘Clean this up:’ prompt, which impressively cleans up even my most jumbled thoughts and is a huge time saver.”  Andrew Gangidine, Science Content Writer

Amplify Editing Productivity

Grammarly is the grandfather of AI tools. I use it to check plagiarism, grammar, clarity, and style. I also use ChatGPT to analyze the tone, content, and structure of an article, blog post, or website page. It effectively dissects the content and shows ways to improve it. But correctly prompting it is key. For example, to run an analysis of an article, I prompt it like this: ‘Analyze the article’s tone, structure, and ways to improve it with specific examples.’

It’s important to recognize that AI tools are not flawless and require human intervention. They can provide valuable content and information, but reviewing and revising the content it generates is critical to ensure that it aligns with the client’s unique tone and goals.

AI tools can be great allies in our work, but we must give it that final touch of human brilliance. Embrace AI tools but proceed with a dose of caution and remember to fact-check, fact-check, and fact-check some more.” Carolin Menéndez, Content Editor

Broaden Awareness and Insight on a Subject

“As a content manager, I need to have a solid grasp of different industries across various businesses. I use ChatGPT to explain specific topics to me, explore new content angles, and create lists of potential content ideas relevant to the audience. It saves me time searching online to understand a new topic or industry. 

AI isn’t just for marketers…anybody in their job can and should be using AI to broaden their knowledge of their specific part of the world. Writer’s block is essentially gone but not in the traditional way of writing a blog article. I use ChatGPT to prompt topic ideas, sentence rewrites, and content outlines. I even use it when I’m struggling with wording a particular work email or preparing for an upcoming meeting. I especially love using AI to write social media posts about topics that can appear dry and factual but, in reality, are multi-dimensional topics.”  Isabelle Owens, Content Manager

Stay Ahead in This Ever-Evolving Landscape

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