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Alex Wheeler

Senior Account Manager

“My passion is maintaining strong communication that bridges our clients and the Metric team.”

As Senior Account Manager, Alex is Metric Marketing’s secret weapon. Her superpower is anticipating clients’ needs and delivering clear directives to the Metric team to lead them in exceeding clients’ expectations. Alex’s friendly and positive demeanor and commitment to thorough preparation shine through in every interaction with clients. Whether in meetings, emails, or quick phone calls, she ensures all stakeholders are on the same page and are working with a goal-centered mindset. Her experience with clients across many industries ensures that she can empathize with and strategize for a range of businesses, from biotech and legal to tech and manufacturing. Client success is the heart and soul of her job.

Alex received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Lindenwood University, with an emphasis on Marketing and a minor in Graphic Design. Following graduation, she pursued her graduate studies in Aix-en-Provence, France, where she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting. The combination of learned business skills and appreciation for creative thinking makes Alex an ideal Account Manager for Metric Marketing.

The arts continue to play an important role in Alex’s life as she commissions and sells original artwork. When she is not busy painting, you can find Alex on the golf course struggling to perfect her game or at a local coffee shop sampling all the espresso drinks.