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Akadeum Life Science

Building brand presence from the ground-up through website development, design & persona development

About Akadeum Life Science

Akadeum Life Sciences, a lean life science startup, is located in Ann Arbor, MI. Founded in 2014, Akadeum was established to create the simplest bioseparation products and to fundamentally change the way that isolating cells and other biological targets is approached. Akadeum currently uses microbubbles for applications in cell separation and other related areas.

Akadeum Challenges

Akadeum entered—brand new—into a competitive space against large companies such as Thermo Fisher and Miltenyi Biotech. Akadeum had a brand new innovative product with no web presence whatsoever. They were facing a few relatively large problems: They had no digital platform to educate and promote their product to the biomedical community, and they no means to even sell their product. They wanted to get word out about their new technology, but didn’t know how to get word out about a technology that has never existed.


Creating Akadeum’s digital presence meant first investing in persona development. We needed to know how to showcase Akadeum to the biomedical community while also being targeted in our strategies. After solidifying target personas, we aimed to focus our efforts on the design aspect of the website, as well as creating a keyword/content strategy to weave throughout the site. And last but not least, it was crucial that Akadeum’s new website have e-commerce functionality.

Real Results

Through persona storytelling, we were able to develop a user-friendly website complete with e-commerce functionality. After implementation of a targeted keyword strategy, we were able to get Akadeum ranked nationally for the top 10 targeted keywords. We focused on broad terms (cell separation, cell separation methods, cell sorting, etc.) in order to get in front of people who knew what they wanted to do, but didn’t yet know specific methods.


Akadeum Life Science

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