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Enhanced Website and Lead Generation Boosted Demand for City Labs’ Products

City Labs

Outdated, disorganized, and unproductive marketing operations kept City Labs, a leading manufacturer of nuclear micropower solutions, from reaching its audience. Ready for systems and growth, the City Labs team consulted Metric Marketing for improved marketing and lead generation processes.

Read the full story below on how we helped them increase targeted traffic by 3x, keywords and impressions by 5x, and leads from ads by 2.5x. 

City Labs, Inc., founded in 2005, is a Florida-based corporation offering NanoTritium™ technology, a leading nuclear battery solution. The NanoTritium™ battery is a long-lasting, temperature-resistant power source for microelectronics used across the aerospace, medical, mining, and defense industries.

In late 2021, City Labs’ management engaged with Metric Marketing to increase their brand’s visibility, bring in new leads, and improve sales. The City Labs team also hoped to better understand how to market to a very important but very niche market. 

Problem: High-Tech Product, Low-Tech Operations

While City Labs offers a groundbreaking technological solution, their marketing systems pre-Metric felt prehistoric. Operations from a 2006 website neither instilled confidence in City Labs’ technical capabilities nor brought in high-quality leads.

But an older website wasn’t the only kink in the City Labs’ sales pipeline. When new leads came in, operations from Microsoft Excel, loose notes, and undefined processes left the team struggling to follow through and make the sale. 

Metric Powered Solutions: New Website, CRM, and More

Over 18 months, our team helped City Labs scale its content program, improve branding and lead generation capabilities through a website redesign, create and manage Google ads, and implement a system for client relationship management. All the magic is outlined in the details below.

Website Redesign

A website redesign was essential in elevating the City Labs’ brand identity and perception. We took the following actions to improve the website:

  • Enhanced communication of the product’s technology and results
  • Displayed product-relevant industries more prominently
  • Improved interface, user experience, and call-to-action (CTA) visibility and accessibility 
  • Implemented esthetic improvements and consistency across the website redesign
  • Established Google Analytics and HubSpot tracking

Content and Search Engine Optimization

We improved the design and layout for the City Labs blog resources, elevating City Labs as an industry leader. Search engine optimization (SEO) was incorporated into our content processes to help ideal customers organically find the City Labs’ website. SEO also contributed to the increased competitiveness of the City Labs’ brand.

Other Metric supported content assets included:

  • Creation of a sales enablement product video
  • Coordination of an appearance on the Two Bit da Vinci YouTube channel

CRM Implementation and Emails 

Team Metric selected HubSpot’s client relationship management (CRM) tool as the optimal lead generation, email, and ad management system for City Lab’s needs. As HubSpot-certified partners, we provided training on how to manage lead operations through the new platform. 

We also created email sequences to bring leads further down the sales funnel, with automated follow-up emails and reminders for the team to reach out directly to highly qualified leads. With HubSpot tracking enabled, City Labs can now efficiently and consistently prospect new targeted accounts. 

Client Education

Our team researched and collected data on other applications for the battery. We also worked to uncover untapped areas of the market. We shared this data with the City Labs team and began taking action on the best opportunities. 

Google Ads

To support our search engine marketing strategy beyond organic results, we created non-branded Google ads targeting keywords relevant to City Labs’ highly targeted audience. The combination of paid ads and SEO are now working together for City Labs by improving the brand’s visibility in search results, increasing website traffic, and bringing in qualified leads. 

Results: Broader Reach, Better Leads, and Higher Demand

Armed with higher tech value across its website and CRM, the sophistication of the City Labs’ sales operation now aligns with its high-tech product. City Labs’ leadership understands how to use their CRM, and they’re no longer concerned about forgetting to follow through with a lead due to haphazard notes.

Google Analytics and HubSpot tracking provides the City Labs team with data about who is interested in their product, so they can prospect highly targeted accounts accordingly. With their increased visibility on Google search, City Labs has highly qualified leads from prominent companies coming inbound without any upfront extra work.

Check out the results below to see how we boosted demand for City Labs’ products.

Increased Website Traffic

  • Targeted traffic volume increase of 3x
  • Keyword count and impressions are up by 5x

Brought in New Leads with a Successful Google Ad Strategy

  • Increased leads by 2.5x in the second half of 2022 compared to the first
  • Remained consistent across conversion rates and costs
  • Reduced cost-per-click by 11%

Expanded Reach with Email Marketing

  • Average conversion rate over 12%
  • Exceeded open rates by 67% and click-through rate (CTR) by 4.5x of industry standards

The City Labs team found so much success with their new sales and marketing systems, they are increasing internal capacity to handle the sheer volume of new leads. 

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"The Metric Marketing team is a perfect blend of personable and precision. I enjoy working with the team at all levels."

Peter Cabauy

Co-Founder of City Labs, Inc.

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