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How A Customized Website Boosted Syntelic’s Organic Visibility by 200%

Syntelic website home page

Syntelic Solutions Corporation provides customizable software solutions that improve the distribution process for transportation companies. After comparing 20 full-service marketing agencies, the Syntelic team selected Metric Marketing to redesign their website and boost their online presence. Find out what happened next in the When Syntelic Met Metric story below.

Problem: Custom Software Sold From a Nominal Website

When Syntelic invited Metric to join their marketing party, the irony of the company’s custom software solutions being sold via an unconvincing three-page website was not lost on either side. For potential customers, discovering Syntelic’s software via web searches—unless they searched for it by name—was next to impossible to do through a Google search.

With less than a handful of simple pages, the Syntelic website offered its visitors no way to request more information or to ask questions. But website lead generation wasn’t the only problem. Syntelic’s internal lead management system was inefficient, lacking a dedicated client relationship management (CRM) solution beyond an old-school spreadsheet.

The heart of the problem, however, was that Syntelic’s pipeline had aged and they needed help using current marketing channels so they could move beyond the outdated direct sales methods they’d used in the past.

What did we do?

Syntelic side-by-side comparison of the website before and after working with Metric Marketing.

Syntelic Meets Metric’s Solutions

Check out the details of Metric’s full Syntelic website redesign and rewrite below:

Modern redesign. In a space crowded with small competitors operating from similarly simple websites, we gave the Syntelic website a modern facelift, elevating their brand to go toe-to-toe with top industry competitors. 

Targeted keyword strategy. We rewrote the website with a focus on targeted keywords to help Syntelic get discovered on Google and establish the Syntelic team as industry experts. We expanded their web content to include related industry terms to broaden their audience and expand their online reach.

Optimized for lead generation. During the website redesign, we focused on improving lead generation by adding calls to action (CTAs) and a form submission that made it easy for leads and customers to reach out with questions or to request more information.

Results: 3x Organic Visibility and Targeted Keyword Growth

The addition of an online submission form made it possible for customers and leads alike to send Syntelic questions via the company’s website. This functionality improved more than just lead generation—it also improved the customer experience by making the Syntelic team more approachable and easier to connect with.

By using keywords strategically as part of our streamlined SEO services, Metric also helped triple Syntelic’s non-branded organic visibility. This expanded Syntelic’s online reach and vastly improved their discoverability for related industry terms. 

Graphic showing increase in visibility the last 2 years.

Syntelic’s modern website design now matches their unique software capabilities.

So what are Metric’s next steps? We plan to keep growing the Syntelic brand creatively through industry-related resources, videos, and downloadable guides. We look forward to seeing what the Syntelic team does next, and we’re happy to support their marketing every step of the way!

About Syntelic

"We were looking for a long-term marketing partner, not a one-and-done approach. We selected Metric in February 2022 and have been extremely happy with the results we have had to date. They are super folks to work with and have tons of innovative ideas. If you are looking for a marketing partner that can grow with your business, you should definitely talk to Metric, you won’t be disappointed."

Scott W. Balthaser

President & CEO of Syntelic Solutions Corp.

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