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How often should my business post on Facebook?

How often should my business post on Facebook?

How often you should be posting on your business’s Facebook page varies. A lot. Posting times depend on the amount of followers you have as well as their interests, age range, and even their habits on Facebook. Frustrating answer, right?

Look at Your Follower Count

Well, let’s back up. The rule of thumb for Facebook posts has always been twice a day—but bear in mind that this suggestion is for business pages that have at least 10,000 followers. If your business page has hit that mark, then post twice a day.

However, if your business page has less followers, like a few hundred or a few thousand, you don’t really have a rule of thumb (sorry, guys). A Hubspot study showed that businesses who had smaller followings saw 50% fewer clicks per post when posting twice a day. Not good.

Quantity vs. Quality

This isn’t the end of the rope, though. If your following isn’t huge, focus your Facebook marketing efforts not necessarily on frequency, but simply crafting awesome, relevant, and just better content catered to your audience. Facebook users are more apt to click and engage in a post if it’s relevant to their interests. In other words, get to know your audiences’ interests and behaviors before you start cranking out posts.

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