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Lawyer Live Chat: Should My Law Firm Offer Online Lawyer Chat for Free?

Wherever your law firm is located, and no matter what your specialization is, there are people in your community and online who need legal answers/resources that you can provide. You are an authority in your field and are able to provide support and services to those who need them. However, you may not always be available at the exact moment that people need you and your law firm.

Thankfully, there is a solution in the form of a “talk bubble” on the bottom of your website’s homepage: live chat for law firms.

Providing a lawyer live chat feature on your firm’s homepage can significantly increase your website’s usability. Usability plays a large role in building your search engine optimization (SEO), which can help with your other marketing strategies. In addition to your website’s increased usability, a live chat for law firms tool has the power to generate leads while simultaneously allowing you to develop trusting relationships with prospective clients.

How Live Chat for Law Firms Can Turn Into Leads

When someone who has a need sees an option to chat with a lawyer online for free, they may wonder what that entails. So let’s break it down:

  • Chat is a casual way of speaking. It can minimize the pressure a potential client may feel approaching you—or any lawyer—for a legal need. The word is also an invitation to start a conversation, which is an interpersonal interaction.
  • With a lawyer means that the person on the other end of the chatbot is a professional. Even if it is not you per se, the user will be directed to you, an authority in your field who can answer their needs.
  • Online makes it easy for your potential client to access. Maybe they can’t/won’t make a phone call because they work during your operating hours, their question is quick and does not warrant a phone call, or they are intimidated about having their first interaction with your firm be over the phone. Whatever the reason may be, the option for online communication is fast, easy, and available at any time.
  • For free is an attractive phrase. Because people can get answers at no cost, this service may eventually turn into a deeper relationship and result in a paying client.

Starting a conversation via a lawyer live chat, if done correctly, can ignite a connection to your law firm and go through your leads pipeline to create a client.

Accessibility Shown by a Law Firm’s Live Chat Can Build Trust With Your Visitors

When you provide tools for your users—such as a free attorney advice online chat or a talk to a lawyer for free chat option—you are inviting your website’s visitors to participate in one-on-one communication with your law firm. This takes away the sense of impersonal interaction by actually engaging with the user.

When people feel heard and listened to, trust can be formed between the asker and the answerer. Having a live chat option on your law firm website can expedite the process of establishing trust by allowing for immediate conversations.

Building trust is a fundamental element to establishing relationships with your website’s visitors. When trust is present, it is much more likely that a visitor to your website will become a lead and a client.

The Next Step From Live Chat Can Be Hiring Your Law Firm Agency

Lead generation is one of the main goals of digital marketing. Generating leads means that, through your digital marketing strategies and efforts, you gain a new client—or however you define your lead goal.

Live Chat Can Save You Time by Keeping Unqualified Users From Your Inbox or Voicemail

There is always the chance of false leads, also called unqualified users. These users may engage with a chatbot, but not have any real intent on pursuing further engagement. However, unqualified users, if nurtured, may become qualified leads. If users are satisfied with the live chat, you’ll be able to leave your email and phone number for those who are qualified leads. You will ultimately save time by participating in chatbot conversations before any personal engagement.

Your efforts should be focused on qualified users who will continue a relationship with your law firm. Time is precious and should be spent on those who will produce results. By utilizing a lawyer live chat, you can better use time that may have been spent answering questions from individuals who will never follow up as leads or clients.

What Makes a Good Chat With a Lawyer Experience?

Conversations build relationships. When done correctly, you can enrich a client relationship built on trust. Using a lawyer live chat app can help people feel their questions are being answered, thus establishing a foundation you can build upon.

24/7 Access With Live Chat Apps

People’s legal needs do not stop when the workday ends. Because chatbots have stored information about your law firm’s capabilities and services, a lawyer live chat will present the information that your visitor is looking for at any hour of the day or night.

When your users have the option for unlimited communication, you become a more available law firm. People want answers fast; with immediate accessibility, your law firm becomes the one who is able to answer their questions when they need those answers.

There are also live chat options that provide 24/7 chat with access to operators who can give general legal advice and send you a transcript of their conversations.

Live Lawyer Chat Interaction

The quality of the conversation matters. A legal chat room has the power to cultivate a relationship with a prospective client, but it can also deter someone if unhelpful information is provided. This reminder is not intended to stop you from getting a chatbot. Just the opposite! But you want to make sure that you stand by the information your lawyer live chat app is giving. A quality conversation can establish a trusting bond between your law firm and the person visiting your site.

Data to Review Live Chats

Not only can you use a law firm chat app to provide services for your potential clients, but you can also use the data gathered from those live chats. When people agree to use your chat with a lawyer online for free feature, they are giving your firm information that can be used in a multitude of ways.

  • You can see what type of issues and questions people are having in a specific area of law. With this information, you can curate your keyword searches to people’s needs, thus increasing your SEO.
  • By knowing who is looking for help, you can see if you are reaching your target audience.
  • You can gauge a visitor’s interest in your law firm and decide if the lead has potential. Depending on the interaction, you may be able to tell if your talk to a lawyer for free chat conversation can turn into a face-to-face chat between you and the would-be client.
  • You can track the quantitative aspects of how your lawyer live chat is performing, such as response time from the user and the chatbot itself.
  • You can gain insight into how well your responses are being received based on stay time and if the user actually continues on to where the live chatbot directs them.

Your lawyer live chat, though important for your potential clients, can be essential to how your firm implements its overall marketing strategies. You can make data-driven decisions based on information gathered through your law firm’s live chat.

Natural Transitions to Calling or Lead Forms

Live chats can make your user feel comfortable with your law firm. Initial contact starts a relationship. Once the user feels comfortable communicating—rather than searching for answers on your website—they are more likely to contact you for further assistance.

Conclusion: Live Chat Works for Lawyers

Using a chat with a lawyer live chatbot will improve the quality of your website’s usability, increase the number of leads you can generate, and build trusting relationships with potential clients. Deciding which live chat app to use, however, can be tricky. Here at Metric Marketing, our digital marketing team has ample experience setting up and managing live chat tools, specifically for law firms.

Your law firm can and will benefit from a lawyer live chat app when you implement one into your website. Watch as your leads and clients grow because you established greater accessibility to your services. If you have any questions about:

  • Setting up your lawyer live chat
  • Which chat app to use
  • The different types of live chats
  • How live chats can benefit your law firm
  • Managing your chat feature
  • Or any other marketing inquiry you may have…

Contact the experienced team here at Metric Marketing. You can call us at (734) 404-8714 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from—and chatting with—you!

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