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Wilson Kehoe Winingham

How an SEO audit & content strategy brought a law firm back to life

About Wilson Kehoe Winingham

Wilson Kehoe Winingham is a personal injury law firm with a primary location in Indianapolis, IN, as well as satellite offices across the state of Indiana. The two partners, Bruce Kehoe and Bill Winingham, have constructed their firm’s foundation on doing whatever they can to help wrongfully injured persons find justice.

WKW Challenges

WKW had been working with an SEO/digital marketing agency that rarely sent reports, and when they did, they were vague. Keyword reports showed that WKW was ranking well for numerous keywords; however, the terms were irrelevant. WKW was paying thousands of dollars every single month with the assumption that their rankings would improve, and clientele would grow through online traction. As time went on, WKW became suspicious that the marketing efforts were risky and fraudulent. And they were right.

While the SEO company claimed they were practicing white-hat SEO tactics, they were spending money purchasing backlinks—a once-popular SEO method now deemed damaging and ineffective—and building sites filled with spam.


Our first goal was to conduct an SEO audit to discover any harmful backlinks/overall black-hat SEO strategies. Upon completion, we discovered over 30,000 spam-filled backlinks that required immediate removal. Our next goal was to conduct keyword research and a content audit to begin developing a better, more effective organic keyword/content strategy.

Real Results

WKW’s website saw a significant increase in trust—which is just another way of saying that Google began viewing their site as a trustworthy, and credible one—and it was all thanks to removing every harmful backlink purchased by the previous SEO company. Initially, traffic went down slightly after removal, yet quickly recovered to the same level; except now the traffic was driven by real people searching for real, targeted keywords.

Google uses algorithms to determine how to rank websites in search engine results. Each year there are hundreds of algorithm changes—some big, some small—but all of which make SEO practices more tasteful and efficient. After a new major algorithm roll out, WKW’s search rankings soared even higher.

They continued to crush competitors in keywords by way of creating consistently optimized content. This, in turn, increased their visibility in search engines, and they continuously rank on the first page of Google for relevant keywords.


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Anchor text of links to the site:


Organic Keyword Rankings


What Does WKW Say About Metric?

“Our firm worked with two different SEO companies and got burned by black-hat SEO tactics. Metric Marketing was highly recommended to our firm. They’re extremely easy to work with, knowledgeable, and best of all, transparent in every aspect of the work they are doing for us. Our firm has been working with them for a few years now, and we have experienced tremendous results. I highly recommend Hannah and her team at Metric Marketing.”

-Matt Houston, Marketing Manager

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