What Is Personal Injury SEO?

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What Is Personal Injury SEO?

It seems that every town you visit has at least two personal injury law firms, meaning even more individual personal injury lawyers. And the number of personal injury law firms grows with the size of a location’s population. 

Competition in the personal injury industry is saturated. It’s typical to see big billboards on the sides of city roads or buildings about the local personal injury attorney law firm. However, although billboards may be effective, you don’t truly know the metrics of how effective they are. That’s where law firm digital marketing comes into play!

Why Invest in Personal Injury Lawyer SEO?

In this technological age, digital marketing often surpasses more traditional marketing methods, such as signs, commercials, and ads in the paper. By investing in digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) for personal injury lawyers, you may get a greater return on investment (ROI). 

Digital marketing efforts and intentional SEO practices can make your law firm visible to individuals who are actively searching for your services.

Read more about how SEO can benefit your business in our SEO blog. 

Measure Your Investments

Metric Marketing curates our digital marketing strategy on research-based decision-making. SEO relies heavily on keyword research, knowing your audience, and tracking what works and what doesn’t. By analyzing your website’s metrics for digital marketing for personal injury lawyers and comparing them to your competitors, you can make data-informed decisions about next steps. 

Metric Marketing tracks data from the very beginning. We put together a comprehensive SEO report so you can see and understand your digital marketing analytics. You are in the loop the entire time to see how digital marketing impacts your online traffic and client intake. 

Though your digital marketing goals will depend on your specific law firm goals, the overall objective is to increase your ROI for whatever those goals are. We will show you the numbers on what is happening and adjust your marketing strategies according to the data. 

We are firm believers in data-driven decision making to better your personal injury lawyer SEO strategy. 

Law Authority vs. Online Authority 

Your online presence demonstrates your authority to your existing clientele. However, future clients will not recognize your personal injury law authority unless or until they see it demonstrated online as well. 

You can gain credibility online with effective personal injury lawyer SEO practices. SEO, especially local SEO, shows your target audience that you are the most relevant personal injury firm that they should put their trust in. 

Another aspect of online credibility is visibility. By investing in personal injury attorney marketing, even the smallest firms can beat out the competition from high-revenue, commercial firms. The more you continue to build your online credibility, the more you can establish your visibility and online authority.

How Personal Injury Lawyer SEO Establishes Your Authority

Keyword Research

Implementing keyword research into your SEO strategy is one of the best ways to gain traction in the digital marketing realm of the personal injury law firm industry. When you can answer questions that potential clients are asking, you are more likely to become a resource they will turn to now and in the future.

From auto accidents to workers’ compensation, personal injury can cover a lot of ground. Because of the bulk of content available online, you need keyword research to know exactly what information to provide to your target audience.

At their simplest, keywords are the single words or longer phrases (called long-tail keywords) that your target audience is typing into Google or other search engine inquiry tools. 

Here is a sampling of some common keywords for personal injury law firms:

    • Personal injury law firms near me
    • What to do after a car accident
    • What to do after a dog bite
    • The difference between a settlement and verdict
    • Car accident attorney
    • What is a personal injury lawyer?
    • What is a police report?
    • Semi-truck accident attorney
    • Law firms near me
    • How to make an injury claim
    • And many more

When you use the same keywords that your target audience is using, the search engine algorithms see that your page—and thus your website—is providing the kind of viable, helpful information that searchers are looking for.


Content is how you communicate with your audience. Your content is how your target audience gets to know both you as a law firm and recognizes your authority in the field of personal injury law. 

There are a few very important components to content marketing:

  • Well-written, grammatically correct content
  • Consistency in tone and timeliness
  • Keyword implementation 
  • Content that is balanced for both your target audience and search engine crawlers

When writing content for personal injury law specifically, it’s important to use the keywords that your audience is searching for by using keyword research. When you provide content that answers the questions that your target audience is asking, you are both gaining audience trust and online authority.

Find out more about the relationship between SEO and content here.


Backlink building is when you link a credible website and a credible website links to you. This may seem simple, but it is anything but. Creating a backlink portfolio takes a lot of research and intention. Metric Marketing understands the importance of backlinking for personal injury lawyer SEO strategies and campaigns. 

We will ensure your website has plenty of links to credible, influential personal injury law websites and that your website is linked to by equally credible and influential sites. Our backlinking practices are ethical as opposed to unethical backlinking practices that promise quick results yet are black hat techniques, such as paying for links, joining forums for links, adding irrelevant links to blog comments, and more.

Unfortunately, when not done right, backlinking can become convoluted, messy, and unethical. Metric Marketing uses best practices to ensure that we are building backlinks ethically. High-quality backlinks can support your SEO strategy in a variety of ways. When done well, backlinks can help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Work with Metric Marketing to find out more about the intricacies of backlink building. 

Local SEO

Anytime you type in “near me” into Google, you are utilizing the powers of local SEO. Establishing local SEO means focusing on your target audience that is close in geographical proximity to your personal injury law firm. 

Yes, it’s important to establish your credibility online as a whole, but you should also remember that most personal injury attorneys are hired at a community or regional level. 

Focusing on local SEO can lead to more relevant website traffic, and even local leads. Ranking high in local SEO helps establish your online and community authority. Our SEO team knows exactly how to establish and grow your local SEO authority. If you do not yet have a Google Business profile, we will create and optimize one for you. We will also help backlink to other local businesses and regional resources. 

If you are a personal injury law firm in Chicago, IL, you will need different local SEO tactics than a personal injury firm in Los Angeles, CA, Ann Arbor, MI, or Duluth, MN. Every law firm in every town or city has different competition and different SEO needs. Focusing on local SEO will help you in your specific place of practice.

Practicing in Multiple Places?

If you’re practicing law in multiple locations, we can help you gain visibility across the board. Metric Marketing will implement local SEO strategies to encompass your law firm as a whole. Even if you are a national personal injury firm, there are ways to make sure the right people in the most needed locations know about your personal injury firm. 

Competitor Analysis

A thorough SEO strategy involves competitor analysis. There are many personal injury law firms competing for the same keywords and phrases, so if you are not on the first SERP, your competition is beating you. 

Metric Marketing runs diagnostics and analysis on your competitors’ SEO, including the keywords they are using to drive traffic. When you know what your competitors are doing, you can have a better idea of how to reach your target audience.

Site Management

An important part of SEO is making sure your website’s technical structure is efficient and that your website is easy to navigate. 

Search engine crawlers look through your code to know what to present to searchers. Users visit your website with a clear goal in mind. Therefore, your website needs to be as clean as possible, with a highly functional site code without compromising your brand’s design aesthetic.

Our web developers work closely with our graphic designers to ensure that your website is built for top-notch SEO! 

How SEO for Personal Injury Turns Into Conversions

SEO is great for online visibility and building your credibility in the digital world. But how exactly does practicing personal injury lawyer SEO get you new clients? The answer: by building trust. 

What do you do if you have a question about, well, anything? Chances are, you turn to the trusted search engine of your choice to get your answers. This strategy can be for any topic of inquiry. 

But when discussing personal injury attorneys specifically, people want to turn to a trusted source that can answer their legal questions right away. Personal injury law firm marketing can make that happen.

Build Trust Through Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing

Implementing intentional SEO practices—such as optimized personal injury lawyer content and high-volume keywords—ensures your website offers what your target audience is looking for. When you provide thorough answers to people’s questions, you start to create a relationship with your audience. If you include internal links that bring them to even more pages where they can gather in-depth information, all the better. 

Providing comprehensive, informative, and emphatic content builds a relationship with your audience. They are most likely not reading it for enjoyment, but rather because they need these answers. And their keyword search brought them to your site as an industry expert.  

Once you establish trust for your brand with online resources like your blog and web pages, people are more likely to go to you for their legal needs when they are ready to make a claim or want to pursue a lawsuit.

Working With Personal Injury Marketing Companies 

Marketing your law firm is an investment in both time and resources. However, when you work with a trusted marketing company like Metric Marketing which specializes in personal injury lawyer SEO and other digital marketing strategies, you are investing in your own success. 

Practicing digital marketing yourself is doable but it takes a lot of commitment, consistency, and knowledge. 

Consistency Is Key

As a law firm, you are not a subscription or product-based company. Rather, personal injury law firms provide a service that attracts new people all the time. You will not have many, if any continuous clients—although if you do, it is important to maintain good rapport with them. Instead, each client will most likely be a different person or party. Your digital marketing strategy will need constant attention to continue evolving. 

If you reach the top spot on a Google search thanks to some amazing SEO strategy, the next month, week, or even day you can lose that spot to another personal injury law firm due to tweaks by the search engine algorithm. Being consistent with SEO for personal injury is a crucial aspect of your marketing plan and will help you retain top rankings.

Digital Marketing for Personal Injury Lawyers That You Can Trust

We understand that digital marketing is a full time job (because we do it!). Working with Metric Marketing allows you to focus on running your law firm while leaving the SEO strategy to the experts. 

Metric Marketing is a digital marketing firm that runs on transparency and client respect. We keep our clients in the loop at all times with reports and updates. You can be as involved as you want to as we work to enhance your personal injury lawyer marketing! We can also manage your law firm CRM software or train you on how to optimize it yourself.

Personal Injury Law Firm Case Study

As much as we like to talk about our awesome digital marketing team here at Metric, we are true believers that actions speak louder than words. Check out our Wilson Kehoe Winingham (WKW) case study to see how we have increased traffic, leads, and case numbers for this Indianapolis-based personal injury law firm. 

Since implementing personal injury lawyer SEO strategies into their marketing plan, WKW has experienced a 2x increase in preferred case types. We look forward to continuing our partnership with WKW as our marketing success means continued growth for their law firm.

Contact Metric Marketing for Your Personal Injury Lawyer SEO Needs

Metric Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO for lawyers. Whether it’s cleaning up your website or running your entire SEO strategy, we are here to help you on your digital marketing journey. 

We base our marketing practices on research-based decisions and transparency. We can match your goals with our digital marketing expertise to accomplish your objectives.

Metric Marketing is a marketing personal injury practice you can count on. Contact us at 734-404-8714 or fill out an online contact form today. We look forward to hearing from you and working to advance your personal injury lawyer marketing.

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