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Brittany Mash

Graphic Designer

Brittany is a professional illustrator and designer from outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Brittany’s background is in science; she earned a bachelor’s in Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Michigan, a master’s in psychology from the University of Toledo, and continued to pursue higher education at Michigan State University, working in research for several years before realizing her dream of being a designer. Brittany brings her understanding of scientific research and psychology into her work and specializes in combining illustration and design to create unique and highly custom imagery.

Aside from her enjoyment of all things creative, Brittany loves to sing, run, travel, cook, eat great food, explore the outdoors, and go on adventures with her husband, Misha, and her dog, Roo. As a family, they travel nearly every Monday to hike a trail or try a new coffee shop.