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Why can’t you just “SEO my website?”

Why can’t you just

The ever-changing digital marketing ecosystem requires an expansive approach. Just like building a home, building a digital marketing presence requires more than one type of service—and every piece of the puzzle is as important as the next. At Metric Marketing, our hourly plans include access to all of the following services, because your success depends upon putting all of the pieces together.

Blueprint: Strategy Development

Before we can implement any digital marketing efforts, we develop a blueprint. Strategy development at Metric Marketing begins with a good look at your competitors and a deep dive into keyword research. From there, we develop strategies that’ll ensure you reach your target personas.

Foundation: Website Design

To rank well, you need a firm foundation. Your website needs to be fast, user friendly, and meet search engine guidelines. It also needs to be secure in order to resist attacks from hackers, which is why we don’t use pre-designed templates. Instead, we custom code our websites to ensure they’re secure, meet search engine requirements on the back-end, and provide a great user experience on the front-end.

Plumbing and Electrical: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization consists of, well, optimizing everything on your site to make search engines happy. We invest our time into researching competitors and keywords, optimizing your content to meet searchers’ needs, ensuring your code and site structure are organized, building high-quality relationships, protecting you from malicious backlinks and algorithm penalties, and ensuring you show up in front of those who are looking for you—both nationally and locally.

Floors: Content Development

Google has stated that “Content Is King,” and when Google speaks, we listen. In order to provide a great user experience, we keep your site updated with optimized, user-friendly copy. We also audit on-site content, create editorial calendars, and produce just about any type of copy you can imagine—from blogs to press releases to white papers. Anything that needs to be written, you can bet we are on it.

Doors: Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can be an awesome tool to pair with other services because it gives businesses even more online visibility and can help you better understand your target clients. At Metric Marketing, we develop, track, and manage all aspects of paid ad campaigns—from Google AdWords to paid social media campaigns. This consists of targeting and placement research; creating compelling ad copy and design; tracking progress, impressions, clicks, and conversions; and creating ongoing strategies.

Windows: Social Media Management

Who should your business be targeting on social media? Which social media platforms should you—and shouldn’t you—be on? What should you post, and how often? From performing audience research to creating posting calendars to monitoring engagement, Metric Marketing has you covered.

Décor and Landscaping: Graphic Design

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so you better make it a good one. At Metric Marketing, we make sure that logos, font choices, color pallets, and marketing materials align with the image of your brand. We can polish existing logos and design materials or start from scratch and build a new and fresh design for your growing company.

Walls and Roof: Reputation Management

Your online reputation is critical to the success of your business—and we help you build credibility throughout every step of our digital marketing process. Without a strong reputation, your online presence will have trouble withstanding algorithm changes.

The takeaway? One type of service simply isn’t enough. So, make sure you work with an agency that offers a full range of services for your best shot at crushing the competition.

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