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Navanas Chetsandtikhun

SEO Account Manager

Navanas has a degree in Information Science from the University of Michigan, and he is also a writer and educator. He has over two years of experience teaching design thinking and entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan, and his writing has appeared in several publications such as the Michigan Quarterly Review. Digital marketing is at the intersection of Navanas’ interests in technology, business, and storytelling, and he is passionate about helping businesses utilize digital marketing to maximize their growth. Navanas’ approach to Search Engine Optimization is built on having robust, well-researched, and high-quality content, which are then supported by technical SEO elements. As an SEO Account Manager, he cares about helping clients understand different SEO initiatives, why they’re effective, and what it will take for their businesses to be successful in the search landscape.

In his spare time, Navanas does creative writing, photography, and home renovations. He is also in the process of writing and recording a set of songs for his folk album.