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Ineffective Marketing is Costly.

Fruitless efforts drain your budget and resources and negatively impact the way your business is perceived by the people who matter most: your customers. You don’t like that. And trust us, neither do we.

At Metric, we pride ourselves on implementing proven online strategies to grow your business. It starts with qualified traffic, but it doesn’t end there. Out team tracks everything from click to conversion and focuses on initiatives that drive revenue and growth, all while providing transparency through reporting.

About Metric

Let us take care of that for you

Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

We offer everything you need to excel online. Seriously. Any piece of digital marketing, and we’ve got you covered. When you start working with Metric Marketing, take your pick from any (or all) of our services.

2021 Events

Join the Metric team for a 4-hour workshop + 30-minute talk at the following Digital Summit Events this event season.

  • DIGITAL SUMMIT, Minneapolis
    August 5-6
  • DIGITAL SUMMIT, Kansas City
    August 17-18
    September 15-16
  • DIGITAL SUMMIT, Nashville
    October 5-6

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“Elite! This is the word to describe the Metric Marketing team. I’ve been working with them for most of 2019 to help the law firm I manage get our web presence to the next level. They have certainly done that by helping us with everything from SEO, Google AdWords and social media advertising. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

Eric Strickler, Wilson Kehoe Winingham


Even though we love variety
We also have expertise.

No matter your expertise, we work hard to tailor our
full-service digital marketing strategies directly to you—your business, your goals, and your customers. What we do for you might look different than what we do for another business down the block. In fact, it should or we aren’t doing it right.

Everything we recommend will be based on real research about what will make you most successful, and you can rest assured that we’ll break it all down for you in plain English. You’ll know not only what we’re doing, but why it matters.

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Let’s chat!

We know that finding the right marketing partner is all about fit. That’s why working together starts with a conversation, and allowing us show off a little. Let us evaluate how you site is performing and then set up a call to talk about the tangible steps we would take to bring your site’s performance to the next level. We can’t wait to meet you!



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