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Allie Wrich

Lead Designer & UX Specialist

“Everything I create serves a purpose, whether telling a client’s story or seamlessly guiding users through a website.”

With over six years of industry experience bringing visual design goals to life, Allie leads all design and user experience initiatives for Metric’s clients. Her ability to embrace a broad range of design styles allows her to adapt and craft solutions that fit each client’s needs and preferences. What truly sets Allie apart is her passion for problem-solving with design, strategic thinking, and reaching goals in a multidimensional way. Whether working on website design, print marketing, social media visuals, or brand development, Allies’ competence and capability shine through. Allie thrives on the challenge of delving into a company’s essence — its values, voice, and unique identity — to create authentic and genuinely one-of-a-kind designs.

Allie’s design approach is rooted in her analytical mindset, ensuring that everything she creates is visually appealing and purposeful. Her Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, with a focus on web and interactive design, has been instrumental in fueling her passion for the psychology behind design and the user experience. Allie’s positive and energetic demeanor uplifts the Metric team, contributing to the collaborative and joyful atmosphere that characterizes Metric.

Allie cherishes spending time at her cabin with her family and her dogs, Tori and Louis, and visiting craft and art fairs. Her design-oriented mind is constantly active, finding inspiration in the smallest details of everyday life. Whether it’s the shadows on a wall, the reflection of sunlight on moving waves, color combinations in nature, vintage home items with intricate details, or unique architecture, she sees inspiration everywhere.